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TitleMiscellaneous Colonial Office correspondence
Extent196 items
DescriptionMiscellaneous correspondence, arranged chronologically, between Joseph Chamberlain as Secretary of State for the Colonies and various official and unofficial persons, and representatives of professional and commercial organisations, relating to general political and Colonial Office affairs; with wrappers, telegrams, Colonial Office memoranda, and various printed material, including press cuttings
Including /1 Letter from Sir John Henniker Heaton MP relating to office of governorship of Southern Australia, 1895; /2-3 Minute from Lord Monkbretton [John William Dodson, 2nd Baron Monkbretton: Principal Private Sec of State for Colonies, 1900-1903, Colonial Office] relating to article on Royal Niger Company, with press cutting, 1895; /4-6 Correspondence with Cecil Rhodes, and from Sir Francis Knollys [1st Viscount Knollys: Private Sec to Edward Prince of Wales, 1870-1901] to Sir Robert Henry Meade [Permanent Under Sec of State for the Colonies, 1892-1899] relating to presentation to Corporation of Cape Town, 1895; /7-8 Typescript copy correspondence from [Sir] Montagu Ommanney [Crown Agent, Foreign Office] relating to Zanzibar steamer route, 1896; /10-11 Letter from John Morley [Viscount Morley of Blackburn: MP] relating to treatment of coloured citizens in Western Australia, with Colonial Office memorandum, 1898; /12 Letter from Sir Malcolm Fraser [Agent-General for Western Australia, 1892-1898] relating to Admiralty survey of the coast, 1898; /13-14 Copy letter to Edward Prince of Wales relating to representation of self-governing colonies on Executive Committee of the Paris Exhibition, with Colonial Office memorandum, 1898; /16 Letter from George [?Duke of Cambridge] relating to gift of K. C. M. G., 1898; /17-18 Letter from Sir Wilfrid Laurier [Premier, Canada, 1896-1911] relating to postal conference, 1898; /19-21 Correspondence with Lord Tennyson [Hallam Tennyson, 2nd Baron Tennyson: Governor-General of Australia, 1902-1904] relating to Canadian copyright legislation, with Colonial Office memorandum, 1898; /22 Letter from A. D. Provand MP relating to Chiguecto railway, 1898; /26 Colonial Office memorandum relating to South Africa, 1899; /27 Letter from Lord Harris relating to arrest in Johannesburg, 1899; /28-29 Letter from Sir John H. Pulleston relating to South Africa, 1899; /30-32 Correspondence with Alfred A. Barker relating to attitudes towards the Boer War, 1899; /33-34 Letter from Sir Ellis Ashmead Bartlett MP relating to Transvaal crisis, 1899; /35-39 Colonial Office minutes, and correspondence with Sir Francis Knollys [Private Sec to Edward, Prince of Wales, 1870-1901] and General Clarke [Esquire in Waiting to Edward Prince of Wales] relating to request for telegrams by Edward, Prince of Wales, 1899; /40-41 Correspondence from Walter Long MP relating to arrest of David Robertson in the Transvaal, 1899; /42-43 Letter from Rev. A. T. Wingman relating to South Africa, 1899; /44-45 Letter from Sir Henry Drummond Wolff [Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary at Madrid, 1892-1900] relating to South Africa, 1899; /47-50 Correspondence with T. C. V. Bastow relating to negotiations in South Africa, with Colonial Office memorandum, 1899-1900; /51-54 Correspondence from Lord Templeton relating to Agricultural Congress, with Colonial Office memoranda, 1900; /55-56 Correspondence with Robert Slater relating to imperial defence force, 1900; /64-67 Correspondence with Lord Strathcona [Donald Alexander Smith, 1st Baron Strathcona: High Commissioner for Canada, 1896-1911] relating to communications from Sir Wilfrid Laurier and a Royal Commission into the Paris Exhibition, 1900; /58-59 Correspondence from Ian Malcolm MP relating to Pacific Cable scheme, 1900; /61-63 Correspondence with Sir Andrew Clarke [Agent General of Tasmania] relating to appointment of governor of Victoria, 1900; /68-70 Correspondence with William Everett [Sec to Sir John Ardagh, War Office] relating to South Africa, with copy letter from an agent, 1900; /71-72 Letter from Sir Julian Salomons relating to non-attendance at a meeting, with transcript of cable, 1900; /73-74 Letter from Sir Lindsay Wood [Chairman, North England United Coal Trade Association] relating to proposed strike resolutions, 1901; /75-76 Copy letter [in French] extending sympathy to the King of the Belgians, 1900; /77-78 Letter from Sir John Cockburn [Agent General for South Australia] relating to Commonwealth Bill, 1900; /82-84 Letter to Lord Lansdowne [Henry Charles Petty-Fitzmaurice, 5th Marquess of Lansdowne: Sec of State for War, 1895-1900], with letter from Lord Selborne [William Waldegrave Palmer, 2nd Earl of Selborne: Under Sec of State for the Colonies, 1895-1900], enclosing summaries of correspondence between the Colonial and the War Offices relating to West African military forces, 1900; /85-88 Correspondence with W. J. Willis [Hon. Sec, Dodworth Working Men's Conservative and Unionist Association], with pamphlet relating to old age pensions, 1900; /89-91 Correspondence with Ernest S. Anett relating to Ethiopian Movement, with letter to Anett from Alfred Eyles, 1900; /92-93 Letter from Henry Copeland [Agent-General, New South Wales] relating to Lord Hopetoun [John Adrian Louis Hope, 7th Earl of Hopetoun, 1st Marquess of Linlithglow: Governor-General of Commonwealth of Australia, 1900-1902], 1900; /94-96 Telegraphic communications with Sir Edmund Barton MP [leader, New South Wales opposition] relating to the Settlement Federation, 1900; /97-99 Correspondence with Evelyn Cecil MP [Foreign Office] relating to anti-Boer German pamphlet, 1900; /100-101 Letter from Sir Rowland Blennerhassett relating to the Transvaal, 1900; /102-104 Draft memorandum relating to Australian judicial system, with Colonial Office memorandum, nd [late 19th century]; /105-107 Correspondence from Annie Cassie Holden relating to accusations levelled against her husband, 1900; /108-110 Letter from Sir Evelyn Wood [War Office] relating to treatment of colonials at Thorncliffe camp, with Colonial Office memorandum, 1900; /111-116 Communications with Mr Tyhurst [Managing Director, Robinson's Bank] relating to request for interview, with telegram copy and Colonial Office memoranda, 1900-1901; /117-119 Transcripts of telegraphic communications with Lord Minto [Gilbert John M. K. Elliot, 4th Earl of Minto: Governor-General of Canada, 1898-1904] and Lord Hopetoun relating to new monarchical title for King Edward VII, 1901; /120-121 Letter from Lucien Wolf relating to publication, 1901; /122-129 Correspondence with Lord Strathcona, Sir Francis Knollys, and Sir Henry Ewart relating to provision of carriage for Duke and Duchess of Cornwall whilst visiting Montreal, 1901; /130-131 Transcript of telegram from William St. John Brodrick [1st Earl Midleton: Sec of State for War, 1900-1903] to Lord Minto relating to troop consignment for South Africa, with War Office memorandum, 1901; /132 Draft Colonial Office reply to editor of 'The Londonderry Standard', 1902; /133-138 Letter from Sir W. E. Goschen [Minister Plenipotentiary at Copenhagen] relating to request for article for Danish Press, with letter from Danish Press [in French], and Press details, 1902; /139-140 Letter from Sir H. Goold-Adams [Lieutenant Governor, Orange River Colony, 1901-1907] relating to post-war British/Boer relations, 1902; /141 Colonial Office memorandum relating to previous inquiry about H. Berkely, with press cutting attached, 1902; /142 Letter from Sir O. Probyn relating to Brisbane cathedral building fund, 1902; /143-145 Letter from Thomas D. Wheatley relating to lecture by General Ben Viljoen, with press cutting, 1903; /149-152 Copy letter from Brown, McKenzie and Symes relating to compensation claims in the Transvaal, with Colonial Office memorandum and letter from Alfred Welby MP, 1903; /153 Copy letter to William Barton, 1903; /154-159 Correspondence from Sir William Macmillan relating to his departure for Australia, and a speech of his, with printed copy of speech, and Colonial Office memorandum, 1903; /161 Letter from Sarah Hensman relating to proposal to employ Jewish workers in South Africa, 1903; /162-168 Correspondence between Lord Monkbretton and Sir Robert Herbert [Under Sec of State for the Colonies, 1872-92] relating to Lady O'Brien's request for accommodation at Hampton Court, with correspondence from Lady O'Brien to Herbert, and Colonial Office memoranda, 1903; /169 Letter from Lady Flora L. Ingard relating to correspondence from Sir Frederick Ingard, 1903; /172-174 Letter from B. R. Wise [Attorney-General, New South Wales] relating to tariff reform, with press cuttings from 'The Australian Star' and 'The Sydney Daily Telegraph', 1903; /175 Letter from Lord Northcote [1st Baron Northcote: Governor-General of Commonwealth of Australia, 1903-1908] relating to his appointment, 1903; /177 Letter from Charles Mansfield Owen relating to riots in Trinidad, 1903; /179-181 Letter from T. R. Wyer relating to his dismissal from the Indian civil service, with copy of printed papers, 1903; /182-183 Letter from John H. Dey relating to proposal by Zionist Congress for settlement of Russian Jews in Egypt, 1903; /184-188 Correspondence between the Colonial Office and George Wilkie relating to Cape Colony compensation claims, with typescript account by farmer in Cape Colony, Colonial Office memoranda and draft reply, 1903; /190-193 Letter from Mrs E. M. Waddington [Hon. Sec, Oldham Habitation, The Primrose League] relating to translation of national anthem into Kaffin, with printed copy of translation, and copy of 'A Coronation' by Millicent L. Atkinson, 1903; /194 Letter from A. Maurice Low relating to fiscal policies, 1903; /195 Copy of communication from Leopold [King of the Belgians]
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Physical Description/196 only final page of letter


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