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TitleCorrespondence and transcripts of correspondence between King Edward VII, George [Duke of York], and Joseph Chamberlain, 1900-1903
Extent217 items
Date1901-[mid 20th century]
DescriptionCorrespondence, copy and draft correspondence, typescript transcripts of correspondence and photocopies of correspondence, arranged in approximate chronological order, between King Edward VII, George [Duke of York, and Prince of Wales], Joseph Chamberlain [as Sec of State for the Colonies, 1895-1903], Royal Secretaries, Colonial and War Office officials, and fellow Government and political colleagues relating to matters including death of Queen Victoria and proposals for a memorial; Colonial Office affairs including matters relating to South Africa [negotiations with Louis Botha [ South African soldier and statesman], communications with Sir Alfred Milner [1st Viscount Milner: Governor of the Cape of Good Hope, 1897-1901; High Commissioner for South Africa, 1897-1905] and General Sir Horatio Herbert Kitchener [1st Earl of Kitchener of Khartoum: Chief of Staff of Forces in South Africa, 1899-1900; Commander-in-Chief, 1900-1902], appointment of Kitchener to replace Milner on Milner's return to England, publication of Blue Book on Jameson Raid, Kitchener's 'Proclamation of Banishment', and the King's demands for swift supply of information from Colonial Office on South African matters], unrest in Malta, and the opening of the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia; Colonial Office appointments and official engagements; the award of official honours; the tour of the colonies by the Duke and Duchess of York; King Edward VII's coronation and distribution of the coronation medal; proposed legislation to alter the form of Royal titles; and arrangements for Chamberlain's tour of South Africa; with letter from Austen Chamberlain [son of Joseph Chamberlain] to James Louis Garvin [biographer of Joseph Chamberlain], printed material [including Government publications and press cuttings], photographs, memoranda, wrappers and envelopes
Including /1 Letter from Sir Francis Knollys [1st Viscount Knollys: Private Sec to King Edward, 1901-1910] relating to letter of Chamberlain's on death of Queen Victoria, with draft letter of Chamberlain, Jan 1901; /7 Memorandum by Joseph Chamberlain relating to first meeting with new King, Jan 1901; /13 Draft government publication, 'Correspondence relating to the Proposed Alteration of the Royal Style and Titles of the Crown', Mar 1901; /16 Letter from Lord Monkbretton [John William Dodson, 2nd Baron Monkbretton: Principal Private Sec of State for Colonies, 1900-1903, Colonial Office] relating to King's request to see telegraphic communications with Milner concerning negotiations with Botha, with Government printed despatches and draft telegrams, and wrapper, 1901; /18-21 Letter from Austen Chamberlain to James Louis Garvin relating to enclosed transcripts of correspondence between Joseph Chamberlain and King Edward concerning gift of clock to Chamberlain as mark of Queen Victoria's regard for him, with photographs and photocopies of correspondence, 1928; /32-36 Typescript transcripts of extracts of communications between Joseph Chamberlain and his political colleagues relating to proposed legislation to alter Royal titles, with typescript memorandum, 1901; /37-53 Communications between Francis Knollys and the Colonial Office relating to the Duke and Duchess of York's tour of the colonies, especially details of route from Australia to South Africa, with letter from Lord Minto [Gilbert John M. K. Elliot, 4th Earl of Minto: Governor-General of Canada, 1898-1904], correspondence from Charles Thomas [Admiralty], memoranda, Government publications and wrappers, 1901; /54 Letter from Sir John Anderson [accompanied Duke of York on colonial tour] providing account of tour, with wrapper, Apr 1901; /60-61 Memoranda and typescript transcripts of telegrams from George [Duke of York] relating to opening of Parliament of Commonwealth in Australia, with wrappers, May 1901; /64-76 Letter from Monkbretton to Francis Knollys relating to visit of Duke and Duchess of York to Cape and Mauritius, and possible rearrangements to itinerary due to outbreak of plague in colony, with typescript copies of communications between the Colonial Office and officials in the colonies, and wrappers, May 1901; /77 Letter from George [Duke of York, from Sydney] providing account of places visited during tour, with wrapper and envelope, Jun 1901; /93-96 Correspondence from Sir Francis Knollys relating to award of university degree by Canadian university to Duchess of York during tour, with draft telegraphic communications, telegram copies, and wrappers, Jul 1901; /100-101 Correspondence from Sir Francis Knollys and King Edward VII relating to Kitchener's 'Proclamation of Banishment', with Colonial Office memorandum and wrapper, Aug 1901; /130-131 Draft letter from Joseph Chamberlain relating to appointment of Governor of Queensland, with Colonial Office memorandum, Nov 1901; /150-153 Correspondence from King Edward VII and Sir Francis Knollys congratulating Chamberlain on declaration of peace [South Africa], and the poor health of the King and possible delay to Coronation proceedings, with envelope and wrapper, Jun-Aug 1902; /155-157 Correspondence from Lord Selborne [William Waldegrave Palmer, 2nd Earl of Selborne: First Lord of the Admiralty, 1900-1905] and Sir Francis Knollys relating to arrangements for Chamberlain's tour of South Africa, with telegram copy from King Edward VII, Oct 1902-Feb 1903
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Physical DescriptionIn addition, /20a is used; copies of letters, and duplicate publications bear same number


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