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TitleColonial Office papers relating to the Jameson Raid and the South African Select Committee
Extent45 items
DescriptionCorrespondence and copy correspondence, arranged chronologically, between Joseph Chamberlain [as Sec of State for the Colonies, 1895-1903], fellow Government and Colonial Office officials, and individuals associated with South African affairs relating to alleged involvement of Sir Graham Bower [Imperial Sec to High Commissioner for South Africa, 1884-1897], James Maguire [associate of Cecil Rhodes] and complicity of Sir Edward Fairfield [Colonial Office], and Colonial Office in Raid; sequence of events preceding the attack; appointment and proceedings of the Select Committee [South African Committee inquiring into Jameson Raid]; development of criminal proceedings against perpetrators of Raid, and conditions of their imprisonment; with memoranda, telegram ciphers, envelopes and wrappers
Including /5-8 Correspondence and copy correspondence between Sir Graham Bower and Sir Robert Henry Meade [Permanent Under Sec of State for the Colonies, 1892-1899] relating to Bower's knowledge of Jameson Raid, and his association with Cecil Rhodes [Director, British South Africa Company and Premier Cape Colony, 1890-1896], with wrapper, Nov 1896; /13 Memorandum [by Joseph Chamberlain] relating to Chamberlain's statement of evidence to South African Committee, with wrapper, 1897; /25-29 Correspondence from M. Jackson relating to his appointment to chair South African Committee, Jul 1896-Aug 1897; /30 Letter from Sir Matthew White Ridley [1st Viscount Ridley: Sec of State, Home Department, 1895-1900] relating to treatment of Jameson Raid prisoners, Jul 1896; /31-35 Colonial Office memoranda relating to evidence of Miss F. Shaw to the South African Committee concerning her communications with Dr Leander Starr Jameson prior to Transvaal raid, and throughout his imprisonment, with letter from Miss Shaw to Sir Harold F. Wilson [Private Sec to Joseph Chamberlain], 1897
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