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TitleColonial Office papers relating to South Africa, 1895-1900
Extent115 items
Date1895-[early 20th century]
DescriptionCorrespondence, copy correspondence and photocopies of correspondence, arranged in approximate chronological order, between Joseph Chamberlain [as Sec of State for the Colonies, 1895-1903], fellow Government and Colonial Office officials, and individuals associated with South African affairs including Cecil Rhodes [Director, British South Africa Company, and Premier, Cape Colony, 1890-1896], Lord Grey [Albert Henry George Grey, 4th Earl Grey: Director of British South Africa Company, 1898-1904], Dr Rutherfoord Harris [British South Africa Company], James Maguire [associate of Cecil Rhodes, British South Africa Company] and Bourchier Hawksley [Solicitor, British South Africa Company] relating to proposals for British South Africa Company to be granted Charter of Bechuanaland Protectorate; relations with the Transvaal, General Paul Kruger [President of the Transvaal Republic, 1882-1900] and the Cape; Kruger's closure of drifts on Vaal River and treatment of Uitlanders in Transvaal; unrest in Johannesburg and possible despatch of Colonial troops; Jameson Raid; House of Commons Select Committee into South Africa [Inquiry into the Raid], and allegations regarding complicity of Colonial Office in Raid ['Hawksley telegrams']; hostility of statements by President Grover Cleveland [President of America, 1893-1897] concerning Venezuelan boundary; and German and French activity in African region; with memoranda, Government publications, telegram copies, wrappers and envelopes
Including /5-9 Correspondence from Sir Robert Henry Meade [Permanent Under Sec of State for the Colonies, 1892-1899] relating to communications with Chiefs of Bamangwato, Bakwena, and Bangwaketse [Chiefs Khama, Sebele, and Batwen] concerning transfer of Bechuanaland Protectorate to Chartered Company [British South Africa Company], with envelope, Oct 1895 [for enclosed correspondence between Chamberlain and the Chiefs see JC10/1/2-3]; /14 Minute by Sir Robert Henry Meade, Edward Fairfield [Colonial Office] and Joseph Chamberlain relating to Bechuanaland Protectorate and appointment of new Resident Commissioner [Sir James Francis Newton], with wrapper, Nov 1895; /15-16 Correspondence from Sir Robert Henry Meade relating to development of situation in Cape, and possible relocation of Colonial troops from Gibraltar, with memorandum from Fairfield, 1895; /18 Letter from Lord Lansdowne [Henry Charles Petty-Fitzmaurice, 5th Marquess of Lansdowne: Sec of State for War, 1895-1900] relating to despatch of Colonial troops, Dec 1895; /19 Letter from Sir Robert Henry Meade relating to activities of Uitlanders in Johannesburg, and attitude of Germany towards situation, Dec 1895; /21-23 Correspondence from Sir Edward Fairfield relating to disturbances in Johannesburg, Jameson Raid, President Grover Cleveland and American hostility, Dec 1895; /24 Draft statement by Joseph Chamberlain to the Press relating to the Jameson Raid, Jan 1896; /27-28 Correspondence between Sir Robert Henry Meade and Sir Edward Fairfield relating to preparation of House of Commons paper concerning Jameson Raid [complicity of Colonial Office, and sequence of communications prior to attack], Jan 1896; /29 Memorandum by Joseph Chamberlain, 'The Invasion of the Transvaal', Feb 1896; /31 Memorandum by Robert Bannatyne Finlay [1st Viscount of Nairn: Solicitor-General, 1895-1900] relating to form of Inquiry to be appointed into Jameson Raid, Feb 1896; /32-36 Correspondence from Sir Edward Fairfield relating to communications from Bourchier Hawksley, with correspondence between Fairfield and Hawksley, Mar 1896; /37 Memorandum by Joseph Chamberlain, 'A Statement of Policy in 1896' relating to relations with Kruger, and history of Transvaal situation, nd. [1896]; /41 Letter from Richard Everard Webster [1st Viscount Alverstone: Attorney General, 1895-1900] and Robert Bannatyne Finlay relating to date of South Africa Inquiry and possibility of not prosecuting Cecil Rhodes, with envelope, May 1896; /50-57 Correspondence and copy correspondence between Sir Edward Fairfield and Bourchier Hawksley relating to transfer of telegram copies concerning Jameson Raid, Jan 1896; /60-66 Correspondence with Sir Edward Fairfield relating to communications with Dr Harris, with draft letter to Hawksley and memoranda, Aug 1896; /74 Letter from Joseph Chamberlain to Sir Robert Henry Meade relating to conduct of Rhodes and Hawksley, Oct 1896; /75-79 Correspondence with Robert Henry Meade and Sir Edward Fairfield relating to presentation of Colonial Office account of events preceding Jameson Raid, and question of Colonial Office complicity in Raid, with memoranda, Jan 1897; /83-85 Correspondence from Sir Robert Henry Meade relating to Chamberlain's statement to Select Committee on South Africa, and Meade's offer to stand as witness to corroborate evidence, with extract from Government publication and envelope, May 1897; /89-91 Correspondence from Sir Edward Fairfield relating to enclosed transcripts of 51 telegrams comprising communications between Colonial Office and associates of Cecil Rhodes prior to Jameson Raid, with memorandum by Meade, Jun 1896 [for enclosed transcripts of telegrams see JC10/1/48-49]; /93 Government publication, 'Second Report from the Select Committee on British South Africa', Jul 1897; /97-98 Photocopies of correspondence with Lord Selborne [William Waldegrave Palmer, 2nd Earl of Selborne: Under Sec of State for the Colonies, 1895-1900] relating to American crisis [hostility of President Grover Cleveland regarding Venezuelan Boundary Question], (1895)
Access StatusOpen
Physical Description/20, /29, /77, /83 correspondence and printed material detached from mountings, /83 damaged, and in need of repair


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