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TitleCorrespondence and transcripts of correspondence relating to the South African crisis, 1896-1899
Extent93 items
Date1896-[early 20th century]
DescriptionCorrespondence, copy, transcripts and typescript transcripts of correspondence, arranged in approximate chronological order, between Joseph Chamberlain [as Sec of State for the Colonies, 1895-1903], fellow Government and political colleagues, officials of the South African Republic, and individuals associated with South African affairs relating to development of crisis including attitudes towards the Jameson Raid, and the conduct of Cecil Rhodes [Director, British South Africa Company and Premier Cape Colony, 1890-1896]; attitudes towards, and negotiations with, General Paul Kruger [President of the Transvaal Republic, 1882-1900] and Dr Leyds [South African Republic State Sec 1893 and 1897; Minister Plenipotentiary, 1898-1902]; Kruger's proposed visit to London for arbitration talks; Uitlanders' Petition; Bloemfontein Conference [May-Jun 1899]; conduct of Sir Hercules Robinson [1st Baron Rosmead: Governor, South Africa, 1895], and response of Sir Alfred Milner [1st Viscount Milner: Governor of the Cape of Good Hope, 1897-1901; High Commissioner for South Africa, 1897-1905] to crisis; Chamberlain's despatch to Kruger [Sep 1899] and preparations for war; with memoranda, press cuttings, extracts from Government publications, deciphers of telegrams, envelopes and wrappers
Including /2 [Colonial Office] memorandum relating to promises made by President Kruger concerning improvements in treatment of Johannesburg Uitlanders, Jan 1896; /3-8 Correspondence from Sir John Puleston relating to conduct of Sir Hercules Robinson, possibility of Kruger visiting England, and attitudes towards Rhodes and the Jameson Raid, Jan-Feb 1896 [for Chamberlain's copy reply see JC10/4/2/10]; /9 Letter from J. B. Robinson [Rand Magnate] relating to proposed visit of Kruger to London, Mar 1896; /11 Letter from Montagu White [Consul-General in London for South African Republic, 1892-1900] relating to proposed visit of Kruger to London, Mar 1896; /16 Memorandum by Joseph Chamberlain relating to development of crisis, and possibility of war, Mar 1896; /17 Typescript letter from J. B. Robinson relating to telegrams from Johannesburg representatives concerning Transvaal crisis, reception of Dr Leander Starr Jameson, and Kruger's relations with Germany, Mar 1896; /18-19 Memoranda by Lord Selborne [William Waldegrave Palmer, 2nd Earl of Selborne: Under Sec of State for the Colonies, 1895-1900] relating to points of conflict with South African Republic, and conditions for agreement [Aliens Expulsion and Immigration legislation, suppression of Press, rejection of Article IV of London Convention], Mar 1897; /20-23 Memoranda between Chamberlain and Colonial Office staff, and memoranda relating to negotiations with Dr Leyds, with extracts from Government publications, May-Jun 1897; /25-30 Correspondence and copy correspondence with Dr Leyds relating to arrangements for interviews, the conduct of the South African Republic [repeal of Alien Immigration legislation], and publication of official communications, with Colonial Office memoranda, envelopes and wrappers, May-Jun 1897; /35-37 Correspondence from Lord Harris relating to the Consolidated Goldfields Co and possibility of granting financial loan to Kruger, with Colonial Office memorandum, Nov 1898; /41-43 Correspondence and typescript transcripts of correspondence with Lord Selborne relating to urgency of situation in Transvaal, and Sir Alfred Milner's delegation at Bloemfontein, Jun-Jul 1899; /48 Letter from Sir Michael Hicks Beach [1st Earl St Aldwyn: Chancellor of the Exchequer, 1895-1902] relating to suggested amendments to Chamberlain's draft despatch to Kruger, Jul 1899; /50 Letter from Arthur James Balfour [1st Earl Balfour: Leader of the House of Commons and First Lord of the Treasury, 1895-1902] relating to Chamberlain's draft despatch to Kruger, Jul 1899; /52 Memoranda by Joseph Chamberlain comprising notes for draft despatch [to Kruger], with press cutting, Sep 1899; /53 Letter from to Sir Michael Hicks Beach relating to preparations for war, Oct 1899; /54-57 Colonial Office memoranda relating to demographic analysis of South African regions; points of dispute between Her Majesty's Government and South African Republic; and notes for draft despatch [for Milner to send to Kruger], Sep 1899
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