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TitleCorrespondence and transcripts of correspondence relating to the South African crisis, 1895-1899
Extent181 items
Date1895-[early 20th century]
DescriptionCorrespondence, copy correspondence, typescript transcripts and transcripts of correspondence, arranged in alphabetical order, between Joseph Chamberlain [as Sec of State for the Colonies, 1895-1903] and fellow Government, Colonial, Foreign and War Office officials, political colleagues, officials of the South African Republic, individuals relating to South African affairs [including residents in South African regions], members of the Royal Family and personal associates relating to developing seriousness of crisis in Transvaal including considerations of conduct of Sir Alfred Milner [1st Viscount Milner: Governor of the Cape of Good Hope, 1897-1901; High Commissioner for South Africa, 1897-1905] and other South African officials, and Chamberlain's South African policy; eye-witness accounts of situation in region, disturbances in Matabeleland, treatment of Transvaal natives by Boer police, Uitlander Reform Movement and Petition, Jameson Raid, treatment of Raid prisoners, South African Committee, Bloemfontein Conference [May-Jun 1899], preparations for conflict, and Anglo-French relations in light of crisis; relations between British Government and South African trading organisations, railway projects and the South African mail service; and official visits, appointments and requests for interviews; with letter to Mary E. Carnegie [nee Endicott, third wife of Joseph Chamberlain] concerning enclosure of correspondence, letter to Austen Chamberlain [son of Joseph Chamberlain], telegrams and telegram copies, memoranda, printed material [press cuttings and pamphlet], photographs [carte-de-visite], envelopes and wrappers
Including /1-7 Correspondence and copy correspondence with the Duke of Abercorn [James Hamilton, 2nd Duke of Abercorn: Chairman, British South Africa Company] relating to appointment of Capt. A. Lawley as secretary to Lord Grey in Rhodesia, the retention of imperial troops in Rhodesia, and report of South African Committee, with Colonial Office memoranda, wrappers and envelope, Mar-Oct 1896; /19-24 Copy correspondence and correspondence with Sir Ellis Ashmead Bartlett relating to allegations by Bartlett concerning conduct of officials of South African Republic, imperial troop reinforcements for Natal and Cape region, trial of Reform Movement leaders in Pretoria, and treatment of natives by Boer police in Transvaal, with shorthand notes, wrappers and envelope, 1895-1896; /34-35 Correspondence from George [Duke of Cambridge] congratulating Chamberlain on his South African policy and arranging a meeting, 1896-1897; /36-42 Correspondence from W. Y. Campbell [former resident of Rand] relating to arrangements for meeting between Chamberlain and John Ballot, and treatment of Uitlanders in Transvaal, with telegram copy from Campbell to Joubert [Commander-General, Pretoria], Mar 1896 [for enclosed correspondence from John Ballot see JC10/5/1/14-15]; /47 Letter from Sir E. Commerall relating to ammunitions orders for possible use in the Transvaal, with photographs [carte-de-visite] of examples, Jun 1896; /48-51 Correspondence and copy correspondence with Sir Donald Currie relating to relations between Cape and South African Republic, and proposals for joint mail service to South Africa, 1897; /53-54 Letter from C. Luxmoore Drew [Her Majesty's Coroner] relating to enclosed correspondence concerning alleged Boer sympathies of Mr Blake [journalist, 'The National Review'], with copy of letter, Oct 1897; /55-57 Correspondence from Lady Dudley relating to trial of Jameson Raid prisoners, Jul 1896; /69 Transcript of telegram from George Farrer [Uitland Reform Movement leader] to Sydney Farrer relating to situation in Transvaal, with envelope, Feb 1897; /71 Copy telegram from Stock Exchange [Glasgow] relating to meeting of Rand Miners Ltd concerning Netherlands Railway Co., Mar 1897; /74 Letter from Conyngham Greene [British Agent, Pretoria] relating to visit of Judge Morice [High Court Judge, Pretoria] to England, 1897; /78 Letter from Sir Francis Knollys [1st Viscount Knollys: Private Sec to King Edward when Prince of Wales, 1870-1901] relating to enclosed correspondence concerning attitudes of South African commercial community to crisis, Feb 1896; /79-80 Typescript letter from John Gilbert Kotze [Chief Justice, South African Republic, 1881-1898] to Mr Benjamin [?Colonial Office] relating to Transvaal Presidential election, with Colonial Office memorandum and wrapper, Jan 1898; /81 Letter from Charles Leonard [President, Transvaal National Union] requesting interview, with envelope, Mar 1896; /82-83 Letter from Main Swete Osmond Walrond [Private Sec to High Commissioner, South Africa, 1897-1905] relating to enclosed affidavit of telephonist in Pretoria concerning communications between Pretoria and Bloemfontein, Sep 1899; /84-87 Telegram copies and correspondence from Lord Montagu [?Henry John Douglas-Scott-Montagu, 1st Baron Montagu of Beaulieu] relating to treatment of Uitland Reform Movement prisoners in Pretoria, with letter from Lionel Phillips [Uitlander Reform Movement leader] and envelope, Apr 1896; /88-92 Correspondence from John Pender [Chairman, Eastern Telegraph Company] relating to enclosed telegraphic communications from Sir James Sivewright [Commissioner of Public Works, Cape Colony, 1896-1898], with Colonial Office memoranda, telegram copies and envelope, Jan 1897; /93 Letter from Lionel Phillips relating to enclosed letter from Johannesburg resident concerning elections, with typescript extract from letter and wrapper, Jan 1897; /96-97 Letter from Lord Roberts [Frederick Sleigh Roberts, 1st Earl of Roberts: Commander of the Forces in Ireland, 1895-1899] offering his services in South Africa if required, with telegram decipher, Apr 1897; /101-103 Correspondence from R. Schumaker relating to his son's submission of evidence to trial of Uitland Reform Movement leaders, with typescript extract from correspondence of his son, typescript transcript of cutting from Johannesburg newspaper and envelope, Mar 1896; /107-108 Correspondence and copy correspondence with W. E. Stanley-Smith [Johannesburg] relating to Smith's offer of secret information concerning intentions of Transvaal Government to declare independence, Oct 1896; /111 Letter from Queen Victoria relating to South Africa, ?Jun 1897; /113-114 Letter from Arthur Laurence Haliburton [1st Baron Haliburton: Permanent Under-Sec for War, 1895-1897] relating to enclosed correspondence of John Willoughby [Jameson Raider] concerning Willoughby's defence at trial, with memorandum and copy of letter by Willoughby, Sep 1896; /126 Letter from George Wyndham relating to French attitudes towards crisis, Nov 1898; /128 Memoranda and printed pamphlet entitled 'Jameson's Heroic Charge. A True Story. A Complete Vindication of the Reform Movement', with envelope, Feb-Mar 1896
Access StatusOpen
Physical Description/13, /50, /68, /90, /94, /105, /107, /124, /125, /128 correspondence, press cuttings and envelopes detached from mountings, /68 damaged correspondence in need of repair


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