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TitleColonial Office papers relating to the West Indies, 1895-1903
Extent134 items
Date1895-[early 20th century]
DescriptionMemoranda, printed material [Government publications, extracts from journals, and press cuttings], correspondence, copy, draft and typescript transcripts of correspondence, arranged in approximate chronological order, between Joseph Chamberlain [as Sec of State for the Colonies, 1895-1903], fellow Government officials, Colonial, Board of Trade and Exchequer officials, officials in West Indian colonies [Sir Ambrose O'Shea, Sir Augustus Hemming [Capt.-Gen. and Governor-in-Chief Jamaica, 1898-1904], Sir Frederic Mitchell Hodgson [Governor and Commander-in-Chief, Barbados, 1900-1904], and Sydney Olivier [1st Baron Olivier: Colonial Sec, Jamaica, 1899-1904, and Acting Governor, 1900, 1902, and 1904]], political colleagues, commercial representatives, foreign diplomatic officials, and members of the West Indian clergy relating to affairs of the West Indian colonies including financial crises [Royal Commission inquiring into West Indian Sugar [1896-1897], proposed introduction of sugar bounties and countervailing duties and other fiscal measures, Brussels Conferences [negotiations between French, German and Austrian-Hungarian officials relating to sugar duties, 1899, and 1901], West India Commission on Sugar Duties [1901], proposals to establish 'Central Sugar Factories' in West Indies, arrangements for grants of financial aid to colonies]; commerical matters [proposed fortnightly fruit and passenger steam ship service to West Indies]; general affairs of the colonies [riots, activities of Crown Agents and relations with Jamaican Government, acquisition of estates in Dominica so as to conduct scientific and horticultural investigations]; personnel matters [appointments, requests for employment transfers, and allegations regarding the conduct of Hodgson]; and proposed visit of Chamberlain and Sir Michael Hicks Beach [1st Earl St Aldwyn: Chancellor of the Exchequer, 1895-1902] to West Indies; with telegram copies, envelopes and wrappers
Including /8 Government publication, 'The Condition of the West Indian Colonies' by Joseph Chamberlain, Nov 1897; /12 Government publications, 'Sugar Duty' by Sir Michael Hicks Beach, and official memoranda relating to the American system of sugar countervailing duties by the Board of Trade, 1900; /26-31 Correspondence from Sir Henry Norman [member of Royal Commission on West Indian Sugar] relating to progress of Royal Commission, 1896; /47-51 Correspondence and copy correspondence with Alfred L. Jones [Elder, Dempster and Co, Ship and Insurance Brokers] relating to tender for fortnightly fruit and passenger steam ship service to West Indies, with Colonial Office memoranda and telegram copies, 1898; /55 Letter from Sir T. Dyer [Director, Royal Gardens Kew] relating to plans for development of estates in Dominica for research purposes, Feb 1899 [for enclosure see /52]; /63 Letter from Count Paul von Hatzfeldt [Sec of State for Foreign Affairs in Berlin] relating to Brussels negotiations concerning sugar duties, May 1899; /66 Letter from the Archbishop of the West Indies expressing support for Joseph Chamberlain, Jul 1899; /69-70 Copy correspondence and typescript transcripts of correspondence with Sir Michael Hicks Beach relating to situation in West Indies [financial question, erection of central sugar factories in West Indies, provision of new steam ship service], with wrapper, Jan 1900; /71-79 Correspondence and draft correspondence with Sir Thomas Lipton relating to 'Central Sugar Factories' scheme, with typescript transcript of correspondence of Lipton's, memoranda and wrapper, Feb-Mar 1900; /87 Letter from Lord Lansdowne [Henry Charles Petty-Fitzmaurice, 5th Marquess of Lansdowne: Sec of State for Foreign Affairs, 1900-1905] relating to attitudes of Hicks Beach towards sugar duty question, Dec 1901; /97-98 Letter from F. M. Hodgson relating to allegation that he physically assaulted a member of his household staff, with press cutting and memorandum, Apr-May 1903
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