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TitleCorrespondence of Joseph Chamberlain relating to fiscal reform
Extent539 items
DescriptionSequence of correspondence, arranged in approximate chronological order, between Joseph Chamberlain [as Sec of State for the Colonies, 1895-1903], representatives of professional, commercial and political organisations, and various individuals, from Great Britain and overseas, for the year 1903, relating to Government fiscal policy and Joseph Chamberlain's campaign for tariff reform; includes resolutions from political and professional associations, and expressions of support from individuals, wrappers, printed material, including press cuttings, memoranda and calling-cards; due to the generally unofficial and miscellaneous nature of the correspondence only selective items are summarised below
Including /1-2 Resolution from the sec. of the Association of Chambers of Commerce of the U.K., 1903; /4 Resolution from R. L. Broadbent [Sec, St. George's Society of Ottawa], 1903; /9 Letter from F. B. Goodman [Chairman, Birmingham Chamber of Commerce] relating to Anglo-French trade relations, 1903; /11-13 Correspondence with William Arundel relating to proposed corn tax, 1903; /24-25 Letter from John M. I. Briscoe relating to coffee plantations in India, 1903; /27-29 Letter from W. Law [Foreign Office] to Lord Monkbretton [John William Dodson, 2nd Baron Monkbretton: Principal Private Sec of State for Colonies, 1900-1903, Colonial Office] relating to reciprocity treaty, 1903; /37-38 Letter from W. Peter Rylands [President, Iron and Steel Wire Manufacturers' Association], May 1903; /56-57 Letter from H. M. Ramsay [Sec, Maryborough Chamber of Commerce], 1903; /63-64, /317-319 Correspondence from F. W. Deacon [Sec, Lancashire and Cheshire Conservative Working Men's Federation] relating to speech by Bonar Law, 1903; /87-88 Letter from Daniel McLeish, with printed poem, Jun 1903; /127-129 Correspondence with S. W. Carlton [Managing Director, Monmouthshire Steel and Tinplate Company] relating to protection duties, 1903; /136-138 Correspondence with Henry Copeland MP [Agent General for New South Wales] relating to preferential tariffs, 1903; /196-197 Letter from Howard Chapman [Wholesale Fruit and Potato Merchant] relating to fruit industry, 1903; /222-223 Letter from Rev. E. F. F. Despard [Sec, Church Pastoral-Aid Society] relating to writings on free trade, with notes; /230-232 Correspondence with F. Barnett [editor, 'The Islington Post'], 1903; /248-250 Letter from J. B. Hood relating to temperance reform, with printed copy of speech made by Joseph Chamberlain, 1903; /303-305 Correspondence with Charles J. Cox [Managing Director, Nottingham Brewery Ltd], July 1903; /350-352 Correspondence with Arthur Taylor [Sec, Tavistock Division Joint Unionist and Constitutional Association], with letter to Taylor from Mr Essen, 1903; /370-372 Letter from J. Waddell [Colonial Treasurer, New South Wales], with copy of letter Waddell submitted to editor of 'The Times', 1903; /408-410 Letter from F. J. Harries [Proprietor, 'Glamorgan County Times'], with copy of 'The Free Trader', 1903; /441-443 Correspondence with Albert Swindlehurst, with notes on preferential tariffs, 1903; /449-454 Correspondence with Sir Joseph Lawrence MP, with printed resolution, 1903; /478-480 Letter from John Standring [Hon. Sec, Braid Manufacturers' Association], with press cutting from 'The Draper's Record', 1903; /509-511 Letter from William Houghton [Hon. Sec, Imperial Trade Defence and Anti-Imports League], with hand-bill, 1903; /516-518 Letter from R. Stovin Warburton [H. B. M. Consulate], with press cutting from La Rochelle newspaper, 1903; /522-523 Letter from Henry Lees [Conservative Club Manchester], 1903
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