Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)JC6/2/8/1-40
TitleMiscellaneous Government publications
Extent40 items
DescriptionGovernment publications, and proofs, relating to general political and Parliamentary matters including legislative reform [Patents, and Local Government Bills]; and general Board of Trade and Colonial Office affairs
Including /1-2 Proofs of Cabinet minute, 'Minister of Agriculture and Commerce', Jun 1881; /4 Memorandum, 'Patent Law Amendment', Jan 1882; /5 'Further Memorandum on a Plan for the Government of London', Cabinet, Jan 1882; /7-8 Memoranda relating to metropolitan water supply, Cabinet, Jan 1897; /9-12 Memoranda relating to bimetallism, and the international gold and silver coinage system, 1897; /13 Memorandum, 'South Kensington Museum', Cabinet, 1897; /16-19 Memoranda relating to the London Government Bill, Cabinet, Dec 1897-Jan 1898; /23 Memorandum, 'Russian Naval Construction', Cabinet, Jun 1898; /24 'Memorandum on Proposed New Docks', Aug 1898; /27 Memorandum, 'Telephones', Cabinet, 1899; /28 Memorandum, 'Death Duties', Cabinet, Jan 1899; /31-31 Memoranda relating to new Commercial Intelligence Office, Cabinet, Jan 1899; /33 Memoranda, 'Navy Estimates, 1899-1900', Cabinet, Jan 1899; /34 Memorandum relating to ordinance factories, Jan 1899; /38-39 Memoranda, 'Aged Poor' and 'Pensions and Deserving Poor', Cabinet, Nov-Dec 1899
Access StatusOpen


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