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TitleOfficial circulars, communications and memoranda printed for the Cabinet and Foreign Office
Extent46 items
Date1886-[early 20th century]
DescriptionOfficial documents issued by the Cabinet and the Foreign Office and published by the Government; they are concerned with the colonies and foreign affairs and relate to the period when Joseph Chamberlain was Chairman of the Board of Trade and Secretary of State for the Colonies; most contain manuscript annotations, some in the hand of Joseph Chamberlain
Comprising /1 Foreign Office memorandum relating to the development of U. S./ Canadian fisheries negotiations, 1887; /2 'Gold Coast. Further Correspondence respecting Anglo-German claims in the Neighbourhood of the Gold Coast', Colonial Office, African (West) no. 462, 1895; /3 'Transactions of Her Majesty's Suez Canal Company', printed circular, Foreign Office, 1895; /4 'Despatch to the Governors of the Colonies on the Question of Trade with the U.K.', [Colonial Office], Miscellaneous no. 103, 1895; /5 Memoranda exchanged between Joseph Chamberlain and Sir Michael Hicks Beach [1st Earl St Aldwyn: Chancellor of the Exchequer, 1895-1902] relating to the Suez Canal Company for the year 1895, Foreign Office, 1896; /6 Statement of accounts relating to the purchase of shares in the Suez Canal Company, Foreign Office, 1895; /7 Deciphers of telegraphic communications between Joseph Chamberlain and Sir William Edward Maxwell [Governor of the Gold Coast, 1896-1897] relating to the establishment of a Protectorate, military movements and personnel, 1-19 pp, Foreign Office, 1896; /8 'Memorandum on the Question of Delagoa Bay Railway', Colonial Office, African (South) no. 508, 1896; /9 Communications between Basil S. Cave [Her Majesty's Acting Agent and Consul General] and Lord Salisbury [Robert Arthur Gascoigne-Cecil, 3rd Marquess of Salisbury: Sec of State for Foreign Affairs, 1895-1900] relating to Zanzibar, [Foreign Office], 1896; /10 Telegraphic communications of Lord Salisbury relating to Venezuela, [Foreign Office], 1896; /11 Memorandum by Joseph Chamberlain entitled 'Slavery in Zanzibar', Foreign Office, 1896; /12 Correspondence from Lord Salisbury to A. Hardinge relating to slavery in Zanzibar, Foreign Office, East Africa, 1897; /13 Memorandum by G. L. Ryder and Sir Clement Hill relating to the Royal Niger Company, Foreign Office, 1897; /14 Circular by Joseph Chamberlain relating to the use of flogging for prison offences, [Colonial Office], 1897; /15 Correspondence and memoranda from Sir George Taubman Goldie to the Foreign Office relating to the Royal Niger Company, [Foreign Office], 1897; /16 Memorandum by Sir Michael Hicks Beach entitled 'Royal Niger Company', [Foreign Office], 1898; /17 'Treaties Containing Guarantees or Engagements by Great Britain in regard to the Territory of Government of Other Countries', Treasury, C. 9088, 1898; /18 Correspondence between the Chinese Imperial Customs Service and the Foreign Office, Foreign Office, 1899; /19 Correspondence between Sir Charles Scott and Lord Salisbury relating to Russian affairs, [Foreign Office], 1900; /20 Correspondence from Sir F. Lascelles to Lord Salisbury relating to proposals made by the Russian Emperor to prevent outbreak of war in South Africa, Foreign Office, 1900; /21 'Diplomatic and Consular Reports. Germany. Extension of German Subsidised Mail Steamers to South Africa', Foreign Office, Miscellaneous Series no. 536, 1900; /22 Draft despatch from Lord Salisbury to Sir Charles Scott relating to Chinese/Russian relations, [Foreign Office], 1900; /23 Transcripts of telegraphic communications of the Foreign Office relating to China, [Foreign Office], 1900; /24 Memorandum by Joseph Chamberlain entitled 'The Chinese Problem', [Foreign Office], 1900; /25 Memoranda entitled 'Committee of Defence' by the Duke of Devonshire [Spencer Compton Cavendish, Marquess of Hartington, 8th Duke of Devonshire: President of the Privy Council, 1895-1903], Lord Lansdowne [Henry Charles Petty-Fitzmaurice, 5th Marquess of Lansdowne: Sec of State for Foreign Affairs, 1900-1905] and Lord Goschen [George Goschen, 1st Viscount Goschen: First Lord of the Admiralty, 1895-1900], [Foreign Office], 1900; /26 Paraphrases of telegrams from Lord Milner [Alfred Milner, 1st Viscount Milner: High Commissioner, South Africa, 1897-1905] to Joseph Chamberlain, [Colonial Office], 1902; /27 Memorandum relating to Western Barotseland, Foreign Office, 1902; /28 Paraphrase of telegram from Lord Milner to Joseph Chamberlain, [Colonial Office], 1902; /29 Memorandum by Lord Cranborne [4th Marquess of Salisbury: Lord Privy Seal, 1903-1905] entitled 'The Origin of Offensive Policy in Somaliland', [Foreign Office], 1902; /30 'Memorandum on the Punishment of Flogging', [Colonial Office], Miscellaneous no.149, 1903; /31 'Northern Nigeria. Proposed Expedition against the Emir of Kano. Memorandum by the Earl of Onslow with Telegrams Annexed Thereto', Colonial Office, African (West) no. 713, 1903; /32 Memorandum by Charles Thomson Ritchie entitled 'Our Financial Position', [Foreign Office], 1903; /33 Memorandum entitled 'Notes on a Proposal to Keep 30, 000 Men in South Africa as a part of the Home Establishment', Colonial Office, African (South) no. 724, 1903; /34 Memorandum by Lord Roberts entitled 'Advantages and Disadvantages of Locating 30, 000 Men in South Africa', [Foreign Office], 1903; /35 Correspondence from correspondents including the Earl of Cromer and Governor General Sir R. Wingate relating to Somaliland, [Foreign Office], 1903; /36-37 Transcripts and drafts of telegraphic communications between Major General Egerton [Commander of Somaliland Field Force] and the Secretary of State for War [William St. JohnBrodrick], [Foreign Office], 1903; /38 Decipher of telegraphic communication from Sir F. Bertie to the Foreign Office relating to Somaliland, [Foreign Office], 1903; /39 Correspondence from R. P. Cobbold to Col. Davidson relating to Somaliland, [Foreign Office], 1903; /40-44 Transcripts of telegraphic communications between the Secretary of State for War [William St. John Brodrick] and Major General Egerton [Commander of Somaliland Field Force] relating to Somaliland, [Foreign Office], 1903; /45 Draft memorandum with extensive manuscript annotations, some in Joseph Chamberlain's hand, relating to a joint commission established to delimit the fishing waters of Newfoundland and Canada, nd [1886-1888]; /46 Circular published by the Tariff Commission entitled 'The Tariff Systems of Europe and America', nd [early 20th century]
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