Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)JC8/5/2/1-5
TitlePrinted material relating to Irish affairs and Joseph Chamberlain's attitude towards Irish Home Rule legislation
Extent5 items
DescriptionPrinted pamphlets, articles and extracts from publications relating to Irish Home Rule and Chamberlain's stance on the matter
/1 Printed pamphlet, 'Sketch of the Public Career of the Rt Hon Joseph Chamberlain MP', nd [1886]; /2 Article [offprint], 'Federal Autonomy', by William F. Bailey, 'The Dublin University Review', pp. 559-571, Jul 1886; /3 Printed, 'The 'Statist' on Ireland. Reprint of the Economist's Letters to the 'Statist' on the Irish Land and Home Rule Questions, and of editorial comments thereon', 1886; /4 Printed pamphlet [offprint], 'Judas! A Political Tract dedicated to the Intelligent Parliamentary Elector', by Admiral Frederick Maxse [reprinted from 'The National Review'], nd [1880s]; /5 Printed pamphlet, 'Mr Chamberlain. June 1886', by George Anthony Devison, 1886
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