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TitleCorrespondence from Joseph Chamberlain to Mary Endicott
Extent269 items
DescriptionCorrespondence, arranged chronologically, from Joseph Chamberlain to Mary [nee Endicott, Carnegie, third wife of Joseph Chamberlain] written during their engagement; includes a numerical sequence nos 4-14, 16-19, 21-68.5; begins with a letter sent from the 'Umbria' on which Chamberlain returned from Washington where he was chairing the Fishery Conference, and relates to development of their courtship, press announcements of their engagement, responses of friends and relatives, arrangements for wedding and arrival of Mary at Highbury, details of social engagements [dinners with the Goschens, Balfours, Selbornes, Lady Dorothy Nevill, Lady Mandeville, the Dilkes, the Harcourts, meetings with miscellaneous individuals including Oscar Wilde, and visits to the theatre and Ascot], domestic political matters including legislative reform [Temperance, Local Government Bills], Commissions [Crofters], Irish affairs, affairs of fellow politicians, the development of Chamberlain's professional career [contributions to Royal Commissions], House of Commons and Birmingham affairs; and miscellaneous personal matters including discussion of current reading material [the novels of George Eliot [Miss Evans], notes by Charles Dickens on America, and the writings of Thomas Carlyle], Highbury Hall and gardens [refurbishments, and Chamberlain's orchids], affairs of Chamberlain's children and family [correspondence from Gower, where they went on holiday, affairs of Richard and Dora Chamberlain [brother and sister-in-law of Joseph Chamberlain], Joseph Chamberlain's health and his planned visit to the West Indies to investigate possible sisal growing scheme], and affairs of the Endicotts [William Endicott Sr and Jr [father and brother of Mary Endicott], her brother's visit to Highbury, Mary's voluntary work at a children's hospital, her health and her horse riding], Mar-Oct; with correspondence from Neville Chamberlain [son of Joseph Chamberlain], Lady Mandeville, Agnes Chamberlain [wife of Walter Chamberlain, sister-in-law of Joseph Chamberlain], Beatrice and Ida Chamberlain [daughters of Joseph Chamberlain], Craig-Brown and Dora Chamberlain, printed material [press cuttings, extracts from publications and journals, and personal ephemera including invitations and dinner menu cards], envelopes and photographs [of the Chamberlain family]
Access StatusOpen
Physical DescriptionIn addition, /3a, /10a, /16a, /21a, /25a, /26a, /34a, /35a, /36b, /37a, /38a, /39a, /40a, /42a, /43a, /56a-z, /57a2-d2, /58a-b, /59a-b, /60a-b, /61a-b, /62a-d, /64a-b, /65a-c, /66a, /67a-b, /68a are used; /7, /12, /35a, /36, correspondence, press cuttings and envelope detached from mountings, /18 page of letter has piece of metal wire attached, requiring removal, /40 is a printed portrait of Joseph Chamberlain which is damaged, requiring repair and separate storage, /62c, /62d are photographs which require separate storage


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