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TitleCorrespondence and other papers of James Louis Garvin relating to the composition of the biography of Joseph Chamberlain
Extent59 items
DescriptionAn artificially created sequence, arranged chronologically [NB on the microfilm copy of this sequence the items appear with incomplete references, i.e. JC37/1/1 rather than JC37/1/1/1], consisting of correspondence between James Louis Garvin and various individuals, including relatives and associates of Joseph Chamberlain, relating to his research for his biography; with other letters, notes, calling-cards, printed material, including press cuttings, often supplied by the correspondents in response to Garvin's request for materials
Including /2 Letter from Neville Chamberlain [son of Joseph Chamberlain] relating to the notes he had composed about his father for his children shortly after his father's death, 1920 [for notes see JC 37/3/7/8]; /3-4 Letter from Mrs F. A. Beetham enclosing correspondence of her husband for use in 'The Life', with letter from Richard John Seddon [Premier, New Zealand, 1893-1906] to George Beetham, 1920; /10-12 Letter from H. C. Wilkins relating to an election incident for use in 'The Life', with typescript notes, 1920; /13-25 Letter from John Allworth Courts relating to Garvin's notice in 'The Spectator' for material for use in 'The Life', with memoranda and photographs taken by Courts of Joseph Chamberlain whilst on Scottish tour, correspondence to Courts from John Wilson [Private Sec to Rt Hon Austen Chamberlain, 1914-1934, India Office] and cuttings from 'The Sketch', 1920; /28-31 Letter from H. H. McCullagh relating an incident during the Boer War for use in 'The Life', with press cutting, and letter from Joseph Chamberlain to Marie J. McCullagh, 1920; /32-33 Letter from A. M. Scott, with notebook containing notes made by Scott twenty years previously concerning Joseph Chamberlain's involvement in Birmingham municipal affairs, 1920 [notebook stored separately]; /34 Letter from Prof. William James Ashley [Professor of Commerce, Birmingham University, 1901-1925] providing account of his personal relations with Joseph Chamberlain and the history of Birmingham University, 1920; /37-44 Letter from Richard Marx and Co. [booksellers] relating to enclosure of book-lists, with book-lists, hand-bill, correspondence from Leon ?Schalit to Garvin and Garvin's manuscript notes, 1927; /45 Letter from Alfred George Cambi [Cambrensis, Archbishop of Wales] providing an account of the introduction of the Welsh Disestablishment Bill for use in 'The Life', 1927; /52 Typescript notes from Mr Fennell ['The Birmingham Post'] providing material relating to a speech by Joseph Chamberlain, nd [1915-1946]; /53 Photograph of a hand-bill for a performance of 'Perfection' and 'Done on Both Sides' at the Theatre Royal, High Holborn, starring Joseph Chamberlain, his relatives and friends on 31 January 1854, nd [early 20th century, possibly detached from correspondence]; /55-56 Letter from ?F. Churchill providing details of the relationship between Sir William Vernon Harcourt and Joseph Chamberlain for use in 'The Life', with memorandum, nd [early 20th century]; /57-58 Memoranda relating to J. Stanley Little's account of his associations with Joseph Chamberlain, nd [early 20th century]; /59 Typescript notes from Prof. William Augustus Tilden recounting Tilden's associations with Joseph Chamberlain as a trustee of Mason Science College for use in 'The Life', nd [early 20th century]
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