Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)JC37/3/2/1-46
TitleTranscripts and transcripts of extracts of correspondence from Sir Michael Hicks Beach to Joseph Chamberlain, for years 1895-1901
Extent46 items
Datend [early 20th century]
DescriptionTypescript transcripts and transcripts of extracts of correspondence, arranged chronologically, between Sir Michael Hicks Beach [1st Earl St Aldwyn: Chancellor of the Exchequer, 1895-1902] and Joseph Chamberlain [as Sec of State for the Colonies, 1895-1903] relating to matters associated with the Colonial Office and the Treasury, and general political affairs of the time; where originals have been located, details have been provided; duplications exist within the sequence
Including /1, /4-5 Correspondence relating to Cyprus and the payment of tribute, 1895 [for originals see JC16/5/2; and JC16/5/3/3-4]; /2-3 Letter relating to the Liberal Unionist Party and educational reform, with copy letter from James Inslip [for original see JC16/5/1], 1895; /7-10 Correspondence relating to the Suez canal, 1895-1896 [for original see JC16/5/6-8]; /11 Letter relating to the Pacific Cable Conference, 1896 [for original see JC16/5/9]; /12 Letter relating to Dominican affairs, 1896 [for original see JC16/5/10-11]; /13-15 Correspondence relating to Cabot celebration, 1896 [for originals see JC16/5/12-14]; /16-18, /20 Correspondence relating to the Royal Niger Company and the West India Enquiry, 1896-98 [for originals see JC16/5/15-17]; /19 Letter relating to alcohol tariffs, 1898; /21 Letter relating to construction of new African Department, 1898 [for original see JC16/5/20]; /22 Letter relating to financial grants to the Gold Coast, 1898 [for original see JC16/5/21]; /25, /27 Correspondence relating to the Transvaal, 1899 [for originals see JC16/5/24, 26]; /26 Letter relating to despatch of artillery volunteers to Canada, 1899 [for original see JC16/5/25]; /28 Letter relating to Jamaican fruit industry, 1900 [for original see JC16/5/28]; /29, /32-34 Correspondence relating to payment of compensation to loyalists in South Africa and loans to South African colonies, 1900 [for original see JC16/5/29, /32-33; and JC11/18/2 ]; /30-31 Correspondence relating to despatch of troops for Australian Commonwealth celebrations, 1900 [for originals see JC16/5/30-31]; /35-36, /40-42 Correspondence relating to Army Estimates for years 1901-1902 [for originals see JC11/18/3, /5, /14-15]; /37, /43 Correspondence relating to withdrawal of Indian troops from China, 1901 [for originals see JC11/18/6, /8]; /38 Letter relating to trip with Joseph Chamberlain to the West Indies, 1901 [for original see JC11/18/9]; /39 Letter relating to new title of King on coinage, 1901 [for original see JC11/18/12]; /44 Letter relating to proposed Commission on coal supply, 1901 [for original see JC11/18/17]; /45-46 Transcripts of miscellaneous correspondence for years 1899-1901 [for originals of some see JC11/18/2-3, /5, /8-11, /15-17]
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