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TitleLetters from Joseph Chamberlain to [Sir Willoughby Robert Dottin] Maycock (1849-1922, diplomat), 5, and 7 September, 13 and 22 October, and 1 November
Extent5 items
Description5 letters from Highbury, Moor Green, Birmingham

He asks Maycock to book 'no. 31 State Room on the Aurania' for him, and encloses a cheque. He declares that he is 'much obliged' for the trouble undertaken by Maycock on his behalf, as he hopes 'to keep [his] intentions secret to the last moment' [with reference to his decision to marry Mary Endicott] (5 September); he also expresses his gratitude for the 'tickets for the berths' (7 September). He also thanks Maycock for the 'pretty souvenir', and describes the trip as 'most more ways than one', though he doubts whether he will get to the West Indies due to a yellow fever epidemic. His engagement will be announced in America on November 7th , and so he assumes it will appear in the English papers on the 8th (13 October). Further to his earlier arrangements for travel on the Aurania, Chamberlain confirms that he plans 'to borrow' Maycock's name on the voyage in the hope of avoiding reporters, though he confesses that he is 'uncertain' where his bride and himself will go after the wedding (22 October). In his final letter he writes to confirm arrangements for the delivery of a parcel November)
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