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TitleLetter from Joseph Chamberlain to E[dward] R. Russell
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DescriptionLetter written from Highbury, Birmingham dated 22 January and marked 'Private'. Chamberlain writes to Russell [1834-1920, first Baron Russell of Liverpool, newspaper editor and proprietor] commenting on the reaction to his recent speech ('Socialism is in the air; there was such a ready response to the hint I gave') and writing passionately about his political views. He states: 'The politics of the future are social politics & the problem is still how to secure the greatest happiness of the greatest number'. Chamberlain cites poverty and crime as key problems and expresses his belief in providing general education to all children and in facilitating the more equal distribution of wealth. He emphasises the need for better housing and more responsible landowners, arguing that this calls for 'a bold attack on the so-called rights of property'. He believes that the Radicals need to decide 'what is the most to which we are entitled as well as what is the least that we may be willing to accept'.
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