Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)JER/1775-1790
TitleContents lists of original volumes of Jerningham correspondence
Extent16 items
Date[early to mid 19th century]
DescriptionThese contents lists are not all compiled in the same hand. Some lists are in the hand of Matilda Cary, Charlotte's eldest surviving daughter; the other lists are in two or more hands which have not been identified, although it is possible that some of these are in Charlotte's own hand

The lists follow the same format and are usually organised into four columns: number assigned to each letter, year date of letter (and from volume, the day and month is also given), where the letter was written from and by whom it was written. The lists have sometimes been annotated with additional information such as further details of the author of the letter. Other annotations appear to be the work of Egerton Castle, the editor of 'The Jerningham Letters, 1780-1843'.

The numbers assigned to each letter in this contents list are recorded on the individual letters. Sometimes these numbers have been amended; sometimes the numbers on the letters do not correspond with the numbers in the contents list. A small number of letters do not appear in the contents lists and in a few cases letters in the contents lists are missing.
ArrangementThese lists were formerly bound up at the beginning or the end of the original 16 volumes; in two volumes (Volumes 5 and 7), part of the contents list was found at the front and part at the end. When the volumes were broken down and the correspondence conserved and mounted in new volumes, the contents lists were preserved and mounted in the sequence of correspondence at the exact point where they were originally found. These lists have now been allocated finding numbers at the end of the collection's single numerical sequence and the physical location of each list or the separate parts of ech list has been recorded
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