Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)KWH/E
TitleMiscellaneous flattened deeds
Extent36 items
DescriptionA group of mainly deeds which have been flattened at some point in the past. These flattened items have been grouped together in no apparent scheme or order; and some items which presumably were obtained at the same time and from the same source now appear in different sections of the catalogue. The items here are mainly in English, with a few in Latin and one in French, and present a selection of types of deeds relating to properties in England and Wales, with one relating to Guernsey.
ArrangementThese documents were kept by KWH in blue binding folders which were made up for him for storing his older documents. BB marked the folders A (the new section G), B (the new section J), C, D and E, and assigned running numbers to the documents of each receptacle. These running numbers have been retained.
Access StatusOpen
Physical DescriptionIn outsize box


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