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TitleSchoolboy exercises in Latin verse
Extent1 file
Date19th century
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DescriptionLoose sheets of octavo-size paper with verses in the Sapphic stanza form apparently written by schoolboys; most papers are headed by with the surname of the boy but some are unidentified

The number of sheets written by each named boy is given in brackets after his name:
Barry (10); Doughty (10); Egerton (1); Farrer (15); Grady (7); Holder (6); Hudson (1); Hughs (1); Hunter minor (1); Husbands (10); Isherwood (1); Johnson (2); Lewis (2); Nisbet (13); Onslow (2); Poyntz (24); Randolph major (1); Randolph minor (2); Rhandolph (1); Tickell minor (1); Wilson (16); Wright (7); un-named (22)

A first sheet is headed 'Sent up by Mr Davis' under the title 'Suspicio' is a Latin poem of 40 lines possibly written by a schoolmaster
An associated brown paper scrap is marked 'For Mr Adam Baines'

[Schoolboy exercises in Latin verse by Wilson: see also KWH/Q/1194, 1197, 1201, 1202]
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