Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)MBS/1/CON/18/8
TitleReverses, between circa 1370 and circa 1550 of various members of Arundell family, circa 1570s
Extent1 item
DescriptionRubbings of reverses of brasses as follows:
1. Reverse of MS III effigies and shield showing decorative canopy work, Flemish circa 1380;embroidered dress with arms, Flemish circa 1400; fragments of marginal inscription; part of shield and lozenge, Flemish circa 1530; folds of lady's dress and dog, Flemish circa 1370
2. Reverse of MS IV effigy and inscription showing canopy work depicting angels playing musical instruments, swinging censers etc.; fragments of marginal inscription in Latin, Flemish circa 1420; canopy work with saint holding church, Flemish circa 1420; canopy work with censing angel, angel with candlestick and soul held in sheet [by Abraham].
3. Reverse of MS V head showing canopy work with St Matthias holding axe and inscription; canopy work with saint holding book, both Flemish circa 1370
4. Reverse of MS VI effigy showing part of lady; canopy work Flemish circa 1390
5. Reverse of MS IX rose showing part of head of civilian wearing ruff, Flemish circa 1550
Rubbings made by William Gibson.
Access StatusOpen
Physical DescriptionPaper, folded
Dimensions: 277 x 76 cms
Custodial HistoryFormerly in the collection of J. Roger Greenwood; MBS 678 - 682
Publication NoteThese brasses are cited and described in Mill Stephenson, 'A List of Monumental Brasses in the British Isles ' (1964): Mawgan-in-Pyder III, IV, V, VI; Lack, Stuchfield and Whittemore, 'The Monumental Brasses of Cornwall' (1997): St Mawgan (formerly Mawgan-in-Pyder) IX and in John Page-Phillips, 'Palimpsests The Backs of Monumental Brasses' (1980): 86 220 L1, L3, L5, L6; 105 224 L2; 104 244 L3, L4; 106 246 L4, L5;
108 250 L1, L3; 100 251 L1


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