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Title'Whittington and his Cat' by E. L. Blanchard
Extent1 item
DescriptionProgramme for production of 'Whittington and his Cat'; programme is annotated with date of attendance, 19 Jan 1885

Performed at The Drury Lane Theatre, London; produced by Augustus Harris, assisted by Charles Harris; scenery by W. Beverly, T. E. Ryan, W. B. Spong, Grieve and Hart and Harry Emden; costumes from designs by Alfred Thompson, Arthur Frederics and W. Wilhelm; music composed and arranged by Oscar Barrett; dances by John D'Auban; ballets by Madame Katti Lanner

Cast: Fanny Leslie, Charles Lauri, Harry Parker, M. A. Victor, Kate Munroe, Harry Nicholls, Herbert Campbell, James T. Powers, Minnie Rubens, John Ridley, Dot Mario, Minnie Mario, Percy Bell, Reuben Inch, Jessie Mayland, Mdle Aenea, Maud Bramble, Emily Clare, Alice Corri, Bridie Jennings, Flora Sommerton, Cissy St George, Flora Wilmos, Elise Ward, Anni Annie Akers, May Gardner, Mary Johnstone, Selina Delphine, Maggie Rayson, Florrie Melville, Marguerite Etoile, Laurie Trevor, Minnie Stirling, Nelly Lennox, Milly Severs, Lily May, Alice May, Mabel Coates, Nelly Levy, Ada McKee, May Mellon, May Ormsby, Agnes Henderson, Marion Lilly, Tully Louis, Walter Melborne, Hannah Cassidy, John Ridley, Alice Sery, Fanny Herbert, Rosa Johnstone, Louie Watkins
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Custodial HistoryFormerly numbered 5503 as part of the Theatre Collection


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