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TitleLetters to Charles Masterman from Lucy Masterman (nee Lyttelton)
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DescriptionThe first two letters in this series were written by Lucy in 1907 shortly after first meeting Charles Masterman. All the following letters date from the period 1920-1922 when Charles was separated from his family and staying in lodgings on the Isle of Wight. Here he tried to devote himself to his writing partly as a way to improve the family finances which were a continual worry to him. In her letters to Charles Lucy frequently tries to reassure him about the family finances, reminding him of expected cheques, money raised through the sale of household items and small amounts of savings. She constantly tried to encourage him in his writing, particularly through his frequent bouts of ill health, with suggestions for new ventures and by keeping up contacts in the literary world to whom there are frequent references.

/1: Mannington Hall, Aylsham, Norfolk [1907]: Part letter; the beauty of autumn; illness of Mrs Alfred L. and of Christopher Balfour; going to Lady Battersea's on Sunday 'a great disappointment as other people are going to be there so will have to be pleasant'.

/2: Mannington Hall, Aylsham, Norfolk, 6 September 1907: Letter with envelope addressed to Addington Square, starting, 'Dear Mr Masterman'; returning article with thanks; Christopher Balfour is dead; 'Charles Whibley is to write Henley's life! ...I met him once and never took against a man so much'; has been working on a sonnet' which won't do yet'; Geoffrey Lyttelton is staying with them before he goes to his regiment in South Africa (2 items).

/3: [June 1920]: Has sent off a parcel with a coat, assorted anthems and sets of photographs [of herself]; speech at Reading 'the whole organisation has gone to pieces since Rufus (Sir Rufus Isaac) ? left; on Thursday went to Kensington for the photographs, to Outlook to correct proofs and lunched at a vegetarian restaurant; description of [Herbert Samuel's] party; talked to [Sir Edward] Troup and [Sir Claud] Schuster; thought Rufus might be there but he wasn't; has let Bungo [the Masterman's holiday home in Sussex] for five weeks from 24 July.

/4: 46 G[illingham] Street, [June 1920]: Took with the children to Kensal Rise on a bus; had tea with Pamela [McKenna]. 'Regy's [Reginald McKenna, former Chancellor of the Exchequer] latest outburst strikes me as rather hopeless...Are you impressed by his figures?'

/5: [June 1920]: Has sent films for camera, medication and musical scores as requested; Lucy's engagements include the Roffen's Golden Wedding; 'may go to V. B. Carter [Violet Bonham Carter] 'but feel lazy about going alone.'

/6: [June 1920]: Sorry about Masterman's neuralgia and advises he seeks out a dentist soon; went to see a George Sand play [Madame Sand at the Duke of York's Theatre]; 'Mrs Pat[rick Campbell] was really brilliant in a very ironic part and did not look so bad as she might have done in trousers!'

/7: 46 Gillingham Street, [12 July 1920]: Letter with envelope: 'I have not been able to find a 'special' photographer yet.'; went into the Anti-Slavery Office and heard gossip about Cozens-Hardy has gone back to Romania and until he returns no writ can be issued in the constituency; the Duke of Connaught has been cured of hay-fever by inoculation; death of Jacky Fisher [John Fisher, Admiral of the Fleet] (2 items).

/8: 46 Gillingham Street, [July 1020]: Letter with envelope addressed to Rose Cottage, Bembridge; Empress Eugenie [Eugenie de Montijo] has died; wonders if her recollections of Jacky Fisher would make an article (2 items).

/9: [July 1920]: Found a photographer who has taken photographs of Lucy; [Herbert] Asquith has written article for the WLM and has asked Lucy to send the proof to Charles to review.

/10: Bell Hall, Stourbridge, [7 September 1920]: Letter with envelope (/10a) addressed to Masterman at Gillingham Street: three photographs (/10b-d) of unidentified young boys on beach enclosed but no reference to them in the letter; has not been well; George Lyttelton expressed his concern over want of ideas in the governing body as to what to do with the £150,000 of the War Memorial Fund; Sextus [Masterman's brother, Walter] has asked if he can come and stay (5 items).

/11: 13 March [1921] Bertram Christian has asked if Charles would write the official biography of Lady Henry Somerset; during a visit to the Readings [Sir Rufus and Lady Isaacs] Lucy met Lord Northcliffe and [Claud] Lovat Fraser.

/12: Governor's House, The Royal Hospital, Chelsea, [August 1921]: Letter with envelope addressed to Masterman c/o Mrs Holbrook, South view Cottage, Bembridge: Sends Spectator article; Mary Trevelyan [b. 1905 daughter of George Macaulay Trevelyan and Janet Trevelyan] has demanded and is to be allowed to be baptised (2 items).

/13: Ashley Combe, Porlock, Somerset, [25 August 1921]: Letter with envelope addressed to Masterman at Yellow Sands : Concerns about finances and paying domestic bills; Lucy has some book reviews to do; by-elections in Lewisham and Louth; thoughts on the possible resurgence of the Liberal Party and the re-emergence of Edward Fox; plan by Runciman &Co [Walter Runciman, Viscount Runciman of Doxford]' to run him [Edward Grey] against Asquith in the Spring'; has written to Beverley Baxter suggesting article on the effect of tourism on the countryside (2 items).

/14: Ashley Combe, Porlock, Somerset, [27 August 1921]: typed letter with envelope; concerns for Charles' continued ill health (2 items).

/15: Ashley Combe, Porlock, Somerset, [September 1921]: outings and activities with the children.

/16: [Ashley Combe, Porlock, Somerset, September 1921]: financial situation not as bad as thought; sends Charles some of Spectator money, some still left in savings bank and another cheque should come in soon; money Charles earned in August should come in September but considering selling some furniture and 'the pram and some oddments up for sale this week''.

/17: Iona, Tunbridge Wells, Kent: letter badly damaged; visiting their daughter, Margaret, at school.

/18: Part letter: Saw Hausi yesterday; Olly flourishes.
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