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TitleLetters of congratulation and support, and items relating to Chamberlain's death
DescriptionLetters of congratulation and support written to Neville and Anne Chamberlain; correspondence relating to gifts to Neville Chamberlain; and letters of condolence, legal documents and other items relating to Neville Chamberlain's death.

The letters of congratulation and support include a very large number of letters written to Neville and Anne Chamberlain during and after the crisis of September 1938 which led to the signing of the Munich Agreement. These letters came from a wide variety of people including members of the public from Britain and abroad, politicians in Britain and abroad, heads of state, and various organizations. The correspondence relating to gifts also primarily relates to gifts received following the Munich Crisis. Similarly these gifts were from various people and organizations and varied from small gifts such as flowers and chocolates, to major gifts contributed by groups of people, companies and organizations and wealthy individuals.

Other letters of congratulation and support include letters written on Chamberlain's appointment as Prime Minister, letters written on Chamberlain's 70th birthday; letters on Chamberlain's retirement as Prime Minister; and on his retirement as Lord President of the Council.

The items relating to Neville Chamberlain's death include a large number of letters of condolence written to Anne Chamberlain. Like the Munich Crisis letters these came from a wide variety of people and organizations including members of the public and politicians. Other documents relating to his death include: obituaries; orders of service for his funeral and other memorial services; correspondence and legal documents connected with his will (including legal documents relating to his property and shares); his death certificate; and correspondence relating to memorials in Westminster Abbey and Heckfield Church.

There are also a few poems included in this series, mainly about Neville and Anne Chamberlain, including some written in support of Chamberlain following the Munich Agreement.

For other letters of congratulations see: NC8/9 on the Local Government Bill, NC8/16 on the 1932 Budget; NC8/17 on the Import Duties Bill. Some letters of congratulations are also included among other files of correspondence including the family letters (NC1) and other correspondence (NC7).
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