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TitleLetters following Neville Chamberlain's retirement as Prime Minister
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DescriptionThese letters are all sent with sympathy and respect to Mr. and Mrs. Chamberlain after his announcement to retire in 1940. Most are from the public and politicians in Britain but there are some from as far as Australia. A lot of the letters refer to the Munich Agreement and how he will be vindicated by history. They also mention and condemn the 'attack' on Neville Chamberlain in parliament. Mr. Chamberlain replies to some letters from politicians and his responses are revealing, even telling one that if it was the general wish for him to retain the leadership he would be ready to do so. There is also the odd letter of paperwork such as a memorandum on manufacture which although addressed to Neville Chamberlain is then re-directed elsewhere. Some letters from the public express negative feelings towards the new government.

Letters of particular interest include: NC13/17/10 being a letter from a Lieutenant which mentions an enclosed a tail fin taken from a German bomb which landed in Sheffield and apparently had been addressed to Neville Chamberlain and the solider thought it would be a good souvenir. NC13/17/12 is a newspaper cutting from Canada. NC13/17/75 is a postal order of 1/- from a man and his 4 month year old son to buy one part of a Bomber wireless. NC/13/17/218 a woman writes of her 5 sons, all serving at the same time. NC/13/17/225 from Capt. Wedderburn, stationed in a small French village with the B.E.F.

The following is a list of the names of the correspondents, along with the name of the place where the letter was addressed from where available:

'Night Wail', parody list of the new Cabinet; list of letters of appreciation from various M.P.'s; G. Acland-Troyte, Devon; P. Acred, Isle of Ely; Col. Sandeman Allen, [London]; to Sandeman Allen from the Prime Minister, [London]; E. Austen, Kent; Lady Baldwin, Stourport on Severn; D.M. Barrett, Hertfordshire; Lt. P. Bass-walker with German bomb Tail Fin, Pontefract; Duchess of Beaufort, Gloucestershire; Margaret Bedford, [London]; Beechman; Phillip Bellows with newspaper cutting, Canada; Lord Birdwood, Deal Castle; Paddy Hannon MP on behalf of his Birmingham Group, Birmingham; to Patrick Hannon from the Prime Minister, [London]; John Smedley Crooke M.P. on behalf of Deritend Division, Birmingham; memorandum of manufacture sent by Crooke to the Prime Minister, Birmingham; to Mr Richter (private secretary to Mr Chamberlain from John Smedley Crooke, Worcestershire; Bossom, [London]; to A.C.Bossom from the Prime Minister, [London]; telegram of newspaper headline from Whittaker, Sheffield; W.W. Boulton, Essex; Gertrude Boydell, Australia; Rupert Brabner MP, Netheravon; to R.A. Brabner MP from the Prime Minister, [London]; William Brass MP; to Captain Sir William Brass from the Prime Minister, [London]; Viscountess Caroline Bridgeman, [London]; George Broadbridge, [London]; to Sir George Broadbridge from the Prime Minister, [London]; Edward Campbell on behalf of the Bromley, Beckenham and Penge Conservative Association, [London]; to Sir Edward Campbell from the Prime Minister, [London]; M. Brooke, Wales; John Bryans, Pendlesbury; Patrick Buchan-Hepburn, [London]; Capt. J. Burdett, North Western Expeditionary Force; Raymond Burns, London; to Raymond Burns from the Prime Minister, [London]; A.L Bussau, Office of the Agent-General for Australia, London; to A.L. Bussau from the Prime Minister, [London]; Rev. L.I. Butler, Nottinghamshire; E.T. Campbell with letter from daughter, [London]; letter from Elspeth Campbell about Mr. Chamberlain; to Sir Edward Campbell from the Prime Minister, [London]; A. Canter, West Drayton; Cazalet; C. Channon, Essex; C. Cheffins, London; J.A. Christie MP, Norwich; Lady Jane Clark, London; Edward Cobb, [London]; to Capt. E.C. Cobb MP from the Prime Minister, [London]; Lillian, Basingstoke; Cecil Craigavon, Ulster; Ruby C, Minehead; Sir George Davis, Somersetshire; E. Davidson, Newcastle upon Tyne; Alfred Denville, Harrow; James Despencer-Robertson MP, Okehampton; Eamon de Valera, Dublin; Dillon, Algiers; Patrick Donner MP; to Patrick Donner from the Prime Minister, [London]; P.M. Dryden, South Croydon; Nancy Dugdale, Yorkshire; Rita Dulker, Weymouth; Patrick Duncan Governor General of South Africa; to the Rt. Hon. Sir Patrick Duncan from the Prime Minister, [London]; L.G. Earle, Yorkshire; To Compton from private secretary Hendricks, [London]; Earley, [London]; A. Edginton, N. Wales; C. May Gamondston, [London]; Ashley Edwards, [London]; Frank B. Edwards, Tasmania; to Mr. Edwards from Neville Chamberlain; Paul Einzig, London; to Dr. Paul Einzig from Neville Chamberlain; Thomas Levy, [London]; to T. Levy from Neville Chamberlain; Thomas Levy, [London]; Geoffrey Ellis, Yorkshire; G.E. Ensone and Family, [London]; D. Evans, [London].

Fay family, Manchester; Evelyn M. Feuerheerd?, Portugal; Francis Fremantle, Hertfordshire; John G, Kent; H. Geary, Buckinghamshire; Sir Auckland Geddes, Tunbridge Wells; Extract from letter published in the Times, written by Geddes in 1938; to Sir Auckland Geddes from Neville Chamberlain; John S. George aged 17, Newport; Stanley George, Newport; L.E. Gilbert and friends, [London]; G Gledhill, [London]; to G. Gledhill from Neville Chamberlain; Robert Gower MP; Alan Graham; A Grant-Ferris, Wick, Scotland; Arnold Gridley; Robert Grimston MP; A. G. Gutsell, Brede; Sam Hammersley, Sussex; Ian C. Hannah MP, Sedgley; to Mr Hannah from Neville Chamberlain; Mary Harcourt, Puttenham Priory, Guildford; J. Harrison, Portsmouth; Harvie Watt MP, [London]; to Lt-Col. G.S. Harvie Watt from Neville Chamberlain; Ida Hawker, [London]; E. Hausen, Surrey; Cuthbert Headlam, Durham; A Hebburn, [London]; L.T. Hind, Surrey; H. Holdsworth; to H. Holdsworth MP from Neville Chamberlain; Arthur E. Jennings, [London]; Jones on behalf of Royal Ascot ex-service Men's Club, Ascot; Capt. Joynson, Kent; Adolf Keller, [Geneva]; Lt. Col. Charles Kerr M.P; Hamilton Kerr M.P; to H.W. Kerr from Neville Chamberlain, [London]; Admiral Mark Kerr, London; to Admiral Mark Kerr from Neville Chamberlain, [London]; J. Wishart Kerr, Glasgow; Mackenzie King, Canada; to Mackenzie King from Neville Chamberlain, [London]; Stephen King-Hele, [London]; Mr. and Mrs. Knight, Leeds; Anne Landell, London; F.E.S. Langley, [London]; Ruth Lee, Gloucestershire; Thomas Levy, [London]; W. Liddell M.P, [London]; George Doland leader of Conservative and Unionist Association London - Balham and Tooting Division, [London]; to Lt-Col. G.F. Doland from Neville Chamberlain, [London]; Harold Long, Australia; M Lygard, Colchester; Charles MacAndrew M.P; Pamela [McKenna]; London; Daphne McLaughlin, [London]; Edith H. McLean, London; G. Ernest Macleod, Wiltshire; Sir Adam Maitland M.P, [London]; Jeanne Malcolm, [London]; Arthur Marsden, Newcastle upon Tyne; to Commander Marsden from Neville Chamberlain, [London]; Sir John L. Maffey, Dublin; [Earl of] Midleton, Peper Harow, Godalming, Ireland; N.E. Monk and others, Essex; A.F. Moore, Bristol; Moray and Nairn Division of the Unionist Association, Forres; John Morgan, Doncaster; D. Temple Morris; Clive Morrison-Bell, [London]; to Major Sir C. Morrison-Bell from Neville Chamberlain, [London]; Patrick Munro M.P; Lady Olive T. Newall, [London]; Newmarket Conservative Club, Saxmundham; to Captain F.F.A. Heilgers M.P. from Neville Chamberlain, [London]; Bishop George Nickson, Salop; Viscount Nuffield, Oxford; to Viscount Nuffield from Neville Chamberlain, [London]; F.H. Bickensleth Ottley, Canon Minister of Canterbury; George H. Pattison, [London]; Maurice. Petherick, Paris; to Major Maurice Petherick M.P. from Neville Chamberlain, [London]; Bernard Plugge, [London]; G. S. Pucstead, London; J. F. W. Pudge, Cheltenham; Lord Mayor of York, York; H. Ramsbotham, London; Trevor Rose, London; Frank M. Ross, Canada; Ronald Ross, Sussex; Hilda Runciman, [London]; Hester R. Ryland, [London]; R.E.S, [London]; Clarence T. A. Sadd, [London]; Edward Salt M.P, Stratford-On-Avon; S.W. Sanders, Devon; Sanderson, London; Lady Rachel Scott, Melrose.

Lord J. Simon, London; Bracewell Smith M.P, [London]; to Bracewell Smith from Neville Chamberlain, [London]; C. M. Smith, Derbyshire; H.G. Smith, Essex; Robinson Smith, France; Waldron Smithers M.P., [London]; Donald Somervell M.P, [London]; Southby M.P, Oxfordshire; J.H. Sproston, Hove; M. Steele-Maitland, Switzerland; M. Steinhouse, [London]; May Stevenson, Nottingham; Henry G. Strauss M.P.; J. Stuart, [London]; Vice-Admiral E.A. Taylor, [London]; handwritten note addressed to 'President'; Charles Tewater, London; J.H. Thomas, [Reading]; to the Rt. Hon. J.H. Thomas from Neville Chamberlain, [London]; N.A. Townsend, Lancashire; E.R. Vernon, Canada; C.E.E.W; J.W. an old solider, Surrey; R. Waller, Australia; E.M.W. [Mrs Watson], [London]; Cecil Watts, Oxford; Capt. H.J.S. Wedderburn, France; to Capt. H.J.S. Wedderburn from the Prime Minister, [London]; D. Whitney, Sussex; to Wm. Dwight Whitney from Neville Chamberlain, [London]; Windlesham, Berkshire; A. Wilson M.P, Norfolk; A. Westkark, Aberdeen; Winifred White, Bournemouth; a grateful citizen; a grateful young British girl; an Oxford working woman, Oxford; anon; letter addressed to 'Dear Cousin Neville', from Col. Wilfred Martineau, Birmingham.
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