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TitleCorrespondence with constituents
Extent745 items
DescriptionCorrespondence between Neville Chamberlain and his constituents and other people and organizations connected with Birmingham and related correspondence. The majority of letters date to the 1920s.

Mainly the letters relate to requests for assistance from constituents. The most common requests were for help in applying for war pensions, in applying for municipal housing, or in finding employment. These letters can be revealing of some of the difficulties which various people were facing at the time, and may be of use to family historians and others researching the individuals and families discussed in the letters. In addition to letters from the constituents themselves and copies of replies to constituents, the series includes letters from and organizations such as the Ministry of Pensions and other Government departments, Birmingham City Council and various employers in connection with the constituents' cases.

Other letters include letters from companies, organizations and individuals to lobby Chamberlain on various matters, letters from organizations asking for Chamberlain's patronage, and various letters on other matters.
ArrangementThe letters are arranged in alphabetical order, usually in order of the surname of the main person or organization to which a letter or group of letters relates.

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