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TitleBirmingham Municipal Bank correspondence and other papers
Extent73 items
DescriptionCorrespondence, reports, and other printed items relating to the Birmingham Municipal Bank. The correspondence includes many letters from the Bank's Manager, J.P. Hilton [John P. Hilton] to Neville Chamberlain relating to various aspects of the Bank.

The Birmingham Corporation Savings Bank was formed in 1916 as a bank owned by Birmingham City Council which encouraged workers to put their money into the bank to save for the war effort. This was only created after much lobbying by Neville Chamberlain against strong opposition. The legislation under which the bank was established only allowed it to operate as a war savings bank for the duration of the war, but in 1919 a new bill supported by Birmingham City Council and Chamberlain was given assent which allowed a new bank to be formed by Birmingham City Council to replace the savings bank. This new bank was the Birmingham Municipal Bank which rapidly grew to have branches across the city and its suburbs, and it also became a major mortgage lender in the city. It was owned and run by Birmingham City Council until the 1970s when it became a trustees savings bank, and was later privatized as a part of the TSB Bank.

The file contains the following items:
/1: Souvenir book of the opening ceremony for the new head offices of the Birmingham Municipal Bank on 27 November 1933. The book includes details about the bank and its history; and photographs of the head office, some of the branches and officers/committee members of the bank. A photograph of Neville Chamberlain has also been attached in the volume [this photograph has been identified as being of Neville Chamberlain's speech at the Mansion House, London on 9 January 1940].
/2: Press cutting.
/3-4: Letter from A.D. Brooks [Lord Mayor of Birmingham] regarding resolution to thank Chamberlain; and copy of reply from Chamberlain.
/5-6: Letter from Sir Edward H. Holden, The London City and Midland Bank Ltd congratulating Chamberlain regarding the Bank; and copy of reply from Chamberlain.
/7-12: Letters from J.P. Hilton including enclosed copy of letter from Eldred Hallas and specimen vouchers, regarding voucher scheme.
/13-14: Copy of letters from J.P. Hilton to unknown person and Mr Collins regarding making the Bank to be also a 'Municipal Loan Bank' for 'assisting working-men to buy their own houses'.
/15: Rules of the Bank (printed)
/16: Birmingham Corporations Act 1919 permitting the formation of the Bank
/17: Monthly statement of business, September 1919 (printed)
/18: 'Savings and Housing Bank Regulations' booklet (printed)
/19: Copy of letter from Frank Wilde to J.P. Hilton regarding premises on High Street, Birmingham.
/20-23: Correspondence with J.P. Hilton regarding letter to the Joint Stock Banks, premises rented from Water Department, premises at High Street (see also /19)
/24: Resolution presented to Chamberlain by Municipal Bank Committee thanking him for his work.
/25-26: Letter from Leonard Hartley, 123 Witton Road, Aston, [Birmingham]; and copy of reply from Chamberlain regarding prize he won in the Bank's draw of a £100 War Bond which was donated by Neville Chamberlain, (see also /29).
/27: Letter from J.P. Hilton reporting on the Bank's progress.
/28: Printed leaflet for Bank
/29: Notice regarding Bank prizes (printed proof?)
/30: Article 'Municipal Banks' by J.P. Hilton in 'The Municipal Journal'
/31: Press cutting
/32-47: Correspondence between J.P. Hilton and Chamberlain regarding various matters including branch premises, Hilton's salary, investment in Treasury Bills, raising rate of interest, financing of house purchases/mortgages including copy of letter to Wing Commander Greig, with examples of figures relating to house purchases
/48: Copy of letter from James T. Miles [bank customer], 89 Waverley Road, Small Heath to J.P. Hilton. Complaint from customer.
/49: 'Memorandum for use at the proposed interview with the Financial Secretary to H.M. Treasury' (typescript)
/50-53: Copies of letter from B.P. Blackett for the Lords Commissioners of HM Treasury to J.P. Hilton; and copy of reply from Hilton, with enclosed statement. Relates to the Bank's deputation to the Treasury regarding investments, interest rates, income tax and other matters.
/54-55: Letter from J.P. Hilton enclosing copy of scheme for financing the building of houses.
/56: Letter from J.P. Hilton regarding interest rates, with copy of report.
/57-58: Resolutions presented to Chamberlain by Birmingham City Council and the Committee of Management of the Bank regretting his resignation from the Committee.
/59-62: Letter from J.P. Hilton, and copies of correspondence between Hilton and Kenneth Stirling [Edinburgh Savings Bank], relating to tax.
/63: Letter from F.H.C. Wiltshire [Town Clerk of Birmingham] regarding Municipal Bank Regulations and dispute with HM Treasury.
/64: Typescript report 'Summary of the main alterations included in the new draft Regulations'
/65: Copy of letter from HM Treasury to Town Clerk of Birmingham.
/66-67: Letter from J.P. Hilton, with a long letter replying to an article about municipal banks in the 'Morning Post' .
/68: Typescript report 'Points for Mr. Chamberlain' on interest rates and reserve fund.
/69: Copy of letter from Neville Chamberlain's Secretary to J.P. Hilton regarding opposition of Treasury to extension of municipal savings banks, and a committee to look into the matter.
/70: Table of 'Amounts standing to credit of depositors' at each branch of the bank.
/71: Table of statistics relating to the Bank.
/72: Bank annual report 1943
/73: Press cutting
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