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TitleMiscellaneous letters and other papers
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DescriptionMiscellaneous documents including letters, articles, and press cuttings.

Many of the documents relate to Chamberlain's work and activities in the Birmingham area including items relating to: Chamberlain's appointment as Lord Mayor of Birmingham; the New Philharmonic Society in Birmingham; Chamberlain's work for the Warwickshire Territorial Force Association; the Civic Recreation League. A number of items which do not specifically relate to Chamberlain's work in Birmingham are also included such as items relating to Chamberlain's appointment as Director General of National Service, and his appointment as Prime Minister.

The file contains the following items:
/1: Resolution of Birmingham City Council Town Planning Committee presented to Chamberlain in appreciation of his work on the Committee. 9 October 1914.
/2-9: Correspondence from Gerald Forty, 83 New Street, Birmingham; Sir Thomas Beecham, 3E The Albany, Piccadilly, London; James W. Russell, The Limes, Chad Road, Edgbaston [to Ellery Warden]; and Chamberlain relating to invitation for Sir Thomas Beecham to become Musical Adviser to the Midland Concert Promoters Association. February-March 1917.
/10-11: Letter from H.M. Stevenson [Honorary Conductor, New Philharmonic Society], 66 Church Street, Birmingham regarding poor financial year of the Society and suggestion from some members questioning whether the Society should continue; and copy of reply from Chamberlain. 17 and 20 December 1917.
/12: Letter from W. Ellary Warden, 214 Hagley Road, Edgbaston, [Birmingham] regarding a photograph which he enclosed (not included) and the formation of the [New Philharmonic] Orchestra. 24 December.
/13: Typescript copy of articles dated 1915 to 1919 regarding Neville Chamberlain's work in Birmingham sent by Mr Edwards in 1941.
/14-32: Press cuttings relating to Neville Chamberlain's appointment and work as Lord Mayor. 1915-1916.
/33: Press cutting regarding Chamberlain's appointment as Director-General of National Service. 20 December 1916.
/34: Letter from W.A. Cadbury [Cadbury, William Adlington (1867-1957), businessman and philanthropist], Wast Hills, Kings Norton, [Birmingham] regarding Chamberlain's decision to enter Parliament.
/35-36: Letter from Sir Thomas Barclay, The Uplands, Blackwell, Bromsgrove congratulating Chamberlain on standing for Lord Mayor; and copy of reply from Chamberlain after he had accepted position as Director-General of National Service. 10 November and 21 December 1916.
/37: Address by Neville Chamberlain entitled 'Human Development under Natural Selection, being a valedictory address' delivered at the Annual Meeting of the Birmingham and Edgbaston Debating Society on 28 September 1910.
/38-41: Letter from Ernest Martineau, Ellerslie, 43 Augustus Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham to Mrs Chamberlain regarding Chamberlain's work for the Territorial Army Association in Warwickshire; with forwarded letters from A. Erskine Murray [Secretary, Territorial Army and Air Force Association, County of Warwick] and from H. R. Fairfax-Lucy, Charlecote Park, Warwick with minutes of Headquarters and Ranges Committee of Warwickshire Territorial Force Association including a resolution regretting Neville Chamberlain's resignation as Chairman of the Committee. 1912-1941.
/42: Letter from F. W. Acland, War Office regarding proposal of the [Warwickshire Territorial Force] Association to purchase the Aston Lower Grounds property from Ansells. 16 July 1908.
/43-51: Press cuttings relating to Trade Union Congress held in Birmingham at which Neville Chamberlain had given an address. 1916.
/52: Carbon copy of typescript letter from Neville Chamberlain to Councillor George Cadbury, Birmingham regarding resolution of Town Planning Committee in appreciation of Chamberlain's work. 18 January 1917.
/53: Letter from Ethel M. Barrow [Honorary Secretary, Birmingham Civic Recreation League] congratulating Neville Chamberlain on his appointment as Director of National Service, and asking him to remain as President of the League. 2 January 1917.
/54: Letter from John T. Osler, 4 Akenside Road, Hampstead, London regarding the [Birmingham] Civic Recreation League. 16 November 1916.
/55: List of visitors to Highbury
/56: Article 'Mr. Neville Chamberlain. An Appreciation' from 'The Municipal Review' January 1941.
/57: Letter from Editor, Birmingham Evening Despatch, presenting compliments to Chamberlain, and requesting his opinion on 'The Birmingham Elections and Party Politics' article, with reply from Chamberlain written on the back. 13 October 1911.
/58: Telegram from Prime Minister [David Lloyd George] stating 'Can you call here on Friday afternoon' [presumably to ask him to become Director-General of National Service], with reply on back. 20 December 1916.
/59: Telegram from [Austen] Chamberlain, India Office, with reply on back. Invites Neville Chamberlain to stay with him when he goes to London to see Prime Minister, and also to meet Lord Montagu. 20 December 1916.
/60: Telegram from Neville Chamberlain to Mrs Chamberlain stating 'Have accepted please send car 6.45 New Street', presumably referring to acceptance of position of Director-General of National Service. 19 December 1916.
/61: Article in 'Rotaria' regarding Neville Chamberlain becoming first Honorary Member of Rotary Club in Birmingham. [1915-1916]
/62: Letter from Canon G.B. Code, The Abbey, Carlisle to Mrs Chamberlain. Letter of sympathy following Neville Chamberlain's death also regarding Neville's support of Birmingham Street Childrens Union, and book 'War and the Citizen'. 12 November 1940.
/63: Introduction by Neville Chamberlain to book 'War and the Citizen' edited by Rev G. B. Code, sent by Canon Code, see /62).
/64: List of family members, including Chamberlain, Martineau, Kenrick and Beale family members, who served on Birmingham City Council.
/65: Printed reports of committees for Birmingham City Council meeting on 2 February 1932, with details of the agenda. The report of the General Purpose Committee includes resolution admitting Neville Chamberlain as Honorary Freeman of the city.
/66-67: Telegram from Hancock, Chairman of Midland Salmon and Trout Club, sending Chamberlain best wishes from the Club and 'hearty hopes that Hitler's pike may soon be gaffed', with copy of reply from Chamberlain.
/68: Printed notice of special meeting on 8 July 1936 held to commemorate Joseph Chamberlain, with details of order of ceremony and report of committee.
/69-72: Letters from Neville Chamberlain to Byng [Councillor W.B. Kenrick, Neville's cousin and friend], The Grove, Harborne, Birmingham. Relates to: interviews regarding education with Trevelyan [Sir Charles Philips Trevelyan, president of the Board of Education] who is described by Chamberlain as 'one of the feeblest, weakest and washiest creatures'; subscription requests from clubs; and letter thanking for greeting following becoming Prime Minister and commenting on his job that 'it won't be all beer and skittles...and I am glad the opportunity has come to a Chamberlain before it is too late'. 1924-1937.
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