Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)NC7
TitleOther correspondence
Extent2139 items
Date[late 19th century]-1985
DescriptionLetters written to Neville Chamberlain from various people on a variety of topics; and copies of some letters written by Chamberlain.

This series consists of the non-family correspondence to Neville Chamberlain which had not been sorted into specific subject files. Some letters from non-immediate family members, for example cousins, are included however Other non-family letters which are elsewhere in the collection include: letters concerning the sisal growing scheme and Chamberlain's life in the Bahamas (see NC3); letters concerning certain specific matters in Birmingham and letters from constituents (see NC5); letters concerning personal interests (see NC6); letters concerning certain specific national political matters (see NC8); and letters of congratulation and support between 1937 and 1940 (see NC13). However as the letters had not been thoroughly sorted, letters concerning some of the topics of specific subject files may also be found in this series.

The majority of correspondence in this series is with other Members of Parliament and peers. Other people in the series include: foreign statesmen and ambassadors; journalists and editors; civil servants, royalty and various other notable persons. Examples of just a few of the notable correspondents include: the Duke of Windsor [formerly Edward VIII]; Princess Elizabeth [later Queen Elizabeth II]; copies of letters from King George VI; Winston Churchill; Benito Mussolini; Franklin D. Roosevelt; Andrew Bonar Law; Ramsay MacDonald; Stanley Baldwin; Clement Attlee; Anthony Eden; G. Clemenceau, E. Herriot, P. E. Flandin and P. Reynaud [French Prime Ministers]; and Lord Halifax. A few letters from friends, relatives, other acquaintances and members of the public are also included.

The letters relate to a wide variety of topics with the majority relating to political matters and events including foreign affairs. These include letters concerning Chamberlain's work as Minister of Health; his work as Chancellor of the Exchequer; letters regarding the Conservative Party; letters regarding foreign affairs and the aggressive actions by Hitler and Mussolini in the period leading up to the Second World War; letters regarding rearmament and other preparations for war; and letters relating to the Second World War. Other topics include arranging meetings etc; personal and family matters such as deaths of relatives and friends; and letters of congratulations.
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