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TitleLetters of condolence on the death of Austen Chamberlain
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DescriptionLetters of condolence from various people to Neville Chamberlain, following the death of his brother, Austen Chamberlain, on 16 March 1937. Many of the correspondents also share their memories of Austen in the letters. The order of service for Austen Chamberlain's funeral is also included.

The file contains letters from the following people:
/1: C. R. Attlee [Attlee, Clement Richard (1883-1967) 1st Earl Attlee, statesman], House of Commons.
/2: H. Douglas Bruce, St Margaret's Brae, King's Crescent, Aberdeen.
/3: Winston S. Churchill [Churchill, Sir Winston Leonard Spencer (1874-1965) Knight, politician and historian], 11 Morpeth Mansions, London.
/4: Henry Page Croft [Croft, Henry Page (1881-1947) 1st Baron Croft, politician], House of Commons.
/5: Ethel Desborough [Grenfell, Ethel Anne Priscilla (1867-1952) nee Fane, wife of 1st Baron Desborough], Panshanger, Hertford.
/6: Walter Elliot [Elliot, Walter Elliot (1888-1958), politician], Harwood, Bonchester Bridge, Hawick, Roxburghshire.
/7: King George VI [George, VI (1895-1952) King of Great Britain and Ireland], Buckingham Palace, London (telegram).
/8: Derrick Gunston [Gunston, Sir Derrick Wellesley (b 1891) Knight Soldier and Politician], House of Commons.
/9: W. W. Hadley [Hadley, William Waite (d 1960) Journalist], 135 Fleet Street, London.
/10: Édouard Herriot [Herriot, Édouard (1872-1957) statesman], Paris, France (telegram).
/11: (Alex Keith?), 1 Ball Road, Haslemere, Surrey.
/12: F. G. Kenyon [Kenyon, Sir Frederic George (1863-1952) Knight Director and Principal Librarian British Museum Papyrologist], Kirkstead, Godstone, Surrey
/13: Londonderry [Stewart, Charles Stewart Henry Vane-Tempest- (1878-1949) 7th Marquess of Londonderry, politician], Uppat House, Brora, Sutherland.
/14: Malcolm Macdonald [MacDonald, Malcolm John (1901-1981), Politician and Diplomat] (Secretary of State for Dominion Affairs), Dominions Office.
/15: I. Maisky [Maisky, Ivan Mikhailovich (1884-1975), USSR Ambassador to Britain].
/16: M. Marnet, (French Ambassador to the USA).
/17-19: Georges Prade, Conseil Municipal de Paris (the Paris municipal council), France; with printed proposal for the naming of a street in Paris after Austen Chamberlain; and copy of letter from Neville Chamberlain to Prade.
/20: Walter Runciman [Runciman, Walter (1870-1949) 1st Viscount Runciman, statesman] (President of the Board of Trade), House of Commons.
/21: Alice Salisbury [Cecil, Cecily Alice Gore Gascoyne- (1867-1955) wife of 4th Marquess of Salisbury], 21 Arlington Street, London.
/22: Selborne [Palmer, William Waldegrave (1859-1942) 2nd Earl of Selborne, statesman], 14 Buckingham Palace Gardens, London
/23: Snowden [Snowden, Philip (1864-1937) Viscount Snowden, statesman], Eden Lodge, Tilford, near Farnham.
/24: J. B. Trumbler, 703 Fleming Street, Key West, Florida, USA.
/25: 'Van' [Vansittart, Robert Gilbert (1881-1957) Baron Vansittart, diplomat], Golf Hotel, Hyéres, France.
/26: J. S. Wedderburn [Wedderburn, Henry James Scrymgeour- (1902-1983) 11th Earl of Dundee], Scottish Office, Whitehall, London.
/27: Anthony [Eden, Robert Anthony (1897-1977) 1st Earl of Avon, statesman] (Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs), Foreign Office.
/28: Stanley [Stanley, Edward Montagu Cavendish (1894–1938), politician], House of Commons.
/29: (Eddy?), Dominions Office.
/30: Order of service for Austen Chamberlain's funeral on 19 March at St Margaret's, Westminster.
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