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TitleLetters from Neville Chamberlain to Miss C.N. Campbell
Extent6 items
DescriptionLetters written by Neville Chamberlain to Miss Campbell, his personal secretary.

/21: Undated. Asks her to order cartridges.
/22: 1 September 1940. Asks her to forward two books to Stephen Lloyd [husband of Chamberlain's daughter, Dorothy].
/23: 23 September 1940. Asks her to evacuate some of his items from Downing Street to protect them from bombing.
/24: 30 September 1940. Relates to Chamberlain's resignation as Lord President of the Council, and the arrangements for removing Neville and Anne Chamberlain's belongings from 11 Downing Street.
/25: 3 October 1940. Appreciates her work, relates to finding a new house, and advises her on replies to send to some letters received.
/26: 4 October 1940. Relates to the police protection at 11 Downing Street, asking her to write to the Chief Commissioner to suggest police protection is no longer needed and to express his appreciation for the two policemen.
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