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TitleCorrespondence with Elizabeth Cobb
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DescriptionLetter from Elizabeth Cobb, Twr-y-Felin, St David's, Pembrokeshire to Neville Chamberlain; and copy of letter from Chamberlain to Cobb. 20 September.

This letter is from a woman who says she is the great-granddaughter of Timothy Kenrick [Kenrick, Timothy (1759-1804) Unitarian Commentator], who was the brother of Neville Chamberlain's great-grandfather, Archibald. In the letter she comments on Joseph Chamberlain, suggesting that he served the public well in his early years but later deserted his principles; gives suggestions about housing for the poor; condemns politicians for causing war and spending money on armaments; comments on Timothy and Archibald Kenrick; and comments on the work done by Reginald Bridgeman [Bridgeman, Reginald Francis Orlando (1884-1968) Anti Imperialist] in Pinner. Chamberlain in his reply says that in the letter she had 'contrived to say something offensive about my great-uncle, my father, my brother, my wife and myself' and that they should not meet.
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