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Title1937 letters
Extent147 items
DescriptionLetters to Neville Chamberlain and copies of letters from Chamberlain dated 1937 from various politicians, peers, friends, foreign statesmen, including Mussolini, and others.

The letters relate to various political and other topics including various letters referring to foreign affairs such as: the Aga Khan's talks with Hitler, Goebbels and Goering; Leopold Amery's foreign policy suggestions; Lord Bledisloe's economic survey in South Africa; recognition of Italy's control of Abyssinia; the Danzig High Commissioner's meeting with Hitler; and Malcolm MacDonald's conversations with De Valera [Irish Prime Minister].

Other topics include: Chamberlain's appointment as Prime Minister; a portrait of Joseph Chamberlain; indiscretions reported in Duff Cooper's speech; Robert Vansittart's removal from his post as Permanent Under-Secretary of Foreign Affairs; Hore-Belisha's Army Council reforms; the death of Austen Chamberlain; Londonderry concern about the lack of a record kept of his advice on the rearmament of Germany; Ramsay MacDonald's life after his retirement; Runciman's refusal of post of Lord Privy Seal; naval aviation and the transfer of the Fleet Air Arm from the Air Ministry to the Admiralty; Lord Weir's threatened resignation; .
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