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DescriptionLetters from members of the British Royal Family, and some Royal Household staff, to Neville and Anne Chamberlain.

The letters are from Edward [Edward, VIII (1894-1972) King of Great Britain and Ireland, afterwards Duke of Windsor]; Elizabeth R. [Elizabeth, (1900-2002) Queen Consort of George VI]; Mary R. [Mary (1867-1953) Queen Consort of George V]; Albert [Duke of York, later became King George VI [George, VI (1895-1952) King of Great Britain and Ireland]]; George [Kent, George Edward Alexander Edmund (1902-1942) Duke of Kent]; Mary [Mary Victoria Alexandra Alice (1897-1965) Princess Royal Countess of Harewood]; Alice Mary [Alice, Mary Victoria Augusta Pauline (1883-1981) Princess, Countess of Athlone]; Elizabeth; Margaret [Egerton]; Cynthia Colville [Colville, Helen Cynthia (1884-1968)].

Letters are addressed to Neville Chamberlain unless otherwise specified.
/1-2: Letter from Duke of Windsor in support of Chamberlain's foreign policy; and copy of reply. 24 February and 1 March 1938.
/3: Letter from Duke of Windsor regarding his wish to return to England; expresses admiration for Chamberlain and his decision to fly to Germany to meet Hitler; and expresses hopes for peace. 18 September 1938.
/4-6: Telegram from Duke of Windsor of congratulation following the signing of the Munich Agreement; and copy and draft of reply. 30 September 1938.

/7: Copy of letter from Chamberlain to Queen Elizabeth [wife of King George VI] in sympathy for the death of her mother; regarding the deaths of his own mother and father; and postponement of Paris visit. 23 June 1938.
/8: Letter from Queen Elizabeth thanking Chamberlain for his letter of condolence; in appreciation of her late mother; and regarding postponement of Paris visit. 2 July 1938.
/9: Telegram from Queen Elizabeth thanking Neville and Anne Chamberlain for their birthday greetings. 6 August 1938.
/10: Letter from Queen Elizabeth regretting Neville Chamberlain ceasing to be Prime Minister; in appreciation of Chamberlain and his resignation broadcast and regarding her eldest daughter [Princess Elizabeth, later Queen Elizabeth II] having said 'I cried, mummy' on listening to the broadcast. 17 May 1940.

/11: Copy of letter from Neville Chamberlain to Queen Mary in sympathy for the death of King George.
/12: Telegram from Queen Mary thanking Neville Chamberlain for his letter of sympathy. 24 January 1936.
/13-14: Letter from Queen Mary forwarding notes on the 'Timur Ruby' and regarding her having enjoyed Neville and Anne Chamberlain's visit; with copy of notes on the Timur Ruby (the original notes enclosed with the letter were to be returned at Queen Mary's request); and a note by Anne Chamberlain relating to the ruby. 4 March 1938.
/15: Letter from Queen Mary regarding her concern for Lord Plymouth's health and suggesting 'he should not undertake more work than is absolutely necessary'. 9 April 1938.
/16: Letter from Queen Mary in sympathy following Neville Chamberlain's resignation as Lord President of the Council due to ill health; and regarding her gratitude for Chamberlain's efforts for peace in September 1938. 21 October 1940.

/17: Transcript of letter from Duke of York [later George VI] thanking Neville Chamberlain for him sending a copy of his speech. 22 June 1936.

/18: Letter from Duke of Kent thanking Chamberlain for the wedding present bought by the Cabinet. 27 November 1934.
/19: Letter from Duke of Kent of congratulations following the signing of the Munich Agreement. 2 October 1938.

/20: Letter from Princess Royal to Anne Chamberlain forwarding an amusing press cutting; with enclosed press cutting. 21 January 1940.

/21: Letter from Princess Alice regarding the Duchess of Coburg's [Princess Alice's sister-in-law] appreciation of Neville Chamberlain. 22 December 1938.

/22: Letter from Elizabeth to Anne Chamberlain thanking Anne and Neville Chamberlain for a birthday present. 23 April 1940.

/23: Letter from Princess Alice to Anne Chamberlain declining invitation to cocktail party; and inviting her to tea. 23 May 1956.

/24: Letter from Margaret [annotated as being from Lady Margaret Egerton, who was Lady-in-Waiting to Princess Elizabeth] to Anne Chamberlain thanking Anne Chamberlain for a present for Princess Elizabeth; and regarding her wishing to have supper with Anne Chamberlain. 8 October 1947.

/25: Letter from Cynthia Colville [Woman of the Bedchamber to Queen Mary] to Anne Chamberlain thanking her for a letter of condolence to Queen Mary on the death of the King. 7 March 1952.

/26: Letter from the Queen and Queen Mother thanking the givers of flowers for the funeral of King George VI. February 1952.
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