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TitleCorrespondence with Arthur Chamberlain
Extent43 items
DescriptionCorrespondence between Neville Chamberlain and his cousin Arthur Chamberlain, son of Neville's uncle and aunt Arthur and Louisa Chamberlain. Letters from Neville Chamberlain to Helen Chamberlain [Arthur's wife]; Mary E. Chamberlain to Arthur Chamberlain; Anne Chamberlain to Arthur Chamberlain; and Arthur Chamberlain, son of Arthur and Helen, to Kenneth Humphreys of University of Birmingham Library are also included.

The correspondence mainly discusses political matters. Arthur would often make suggestions on ways of solving political problems especially in foreign affairs and trade. Arthur was particularly interested in Russia and was involved in trading in Russia. He was keen for Britain to be more friendly with Russia and to develop trade with her. Some other matters are also discussed in the letters.

In Neville's letters, he would often comment on his work in the Government and give his thoughts on current political topics including foreign affairs. In one letter of October 1939, Neville looks back over his public life now that it was at an end.

The letter from Arthur Chamberlain claims that Neville wrote to his father Arthur shortly after the signing of the Munich Agreement saying he did not trust Hitler and hoped the Agreement had bought time to re-arm. However, Arthur was unable to find such a letter saying he expects it was destroyed due to the secret nature of the letter.

For other letters from Arthur Chamberlain see: NC1/24/8; NC7/11/26/8-9; and NC13/1/11.
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Custodial HistoryNC7/6/14-43 were deposited by Arthur Chamberlain in December 1972.


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