Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)NC9
TitlePrinted items
Extent99 volumes, 97 items
Date[late 19th century-mid 20th century]
DescriptionPrinted items and some typescript items relating to or collected by Neville Chamberlain.

These include printed speeches and articles by Neville Chamberlain; articles relating to Neville Chamberlain by others; articles and other printed items relating to Neville Chamberlain's political and personal interests; Command Papers, issues of 'Hansard' including speeches by or referring to Chamberlain, and other government publications.

This series only contains some of the printed items in this collection. The main other parts of the collection which include printed items are: printed items about Joseph Chamberlain (see NC6/7); printed items relating to the Bahamas sisal growing enterprise (see NC3/1); copies of the City of Birmingham Municipal Diary (see NC5/7/6-12); printed items relating to Birmingham Unionist Association (see NC5/10); election leaflets etc (see NC5/10/77-81 and NC5/12); printed items about canals (see NC8/2); volumes of acts and speeches during Chamberlain's term as Minister of Health (see NC14); printed items about Anne Chamberlain (see NC11/16); ephemera (see NC12/13); press cuttings (mainly in NC15, some included with files about particular subjects). Some other files in the collection relating to specific topics contain a small number of printed items relating to that particular topic (where this is the case, it will be noted in the description for that individual file).
NotesOther publications or printed items by Neville Chamberlain which are not included in this series include: 'Norman Chamberlain: A Memoir', held in Special Collections at r CT788.C5; 'Town Planning in Birmingham' in 'A Handbook for Birmingham and the Neighbourhood' edited by George A. Auden; and 'In Search of Peace' a transcript of some of Chamberlain's speeches between 1937 and 1939 r DA 585.C50 and r DA 585.C5.
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