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TitleLetter from Neville Chamberlain to Pierre Etienne Flandin
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DescriptionLetter, dated 25 April, in which Chamberlain, Castle Forbes, Whitehouse, Aberdeenshire, thanks Monsieur Flandin [1889-1958, French Minister of Foreign Affairs] for his letter of congratulation on his budget and apologises for the delay in responding as he is taking a holiday.

The letter is largely about current political and economic issues and the main text starts with a reference to their joint pleasure on the collaboration of the two countries at Stresa and Geneva in efforts to ensure peace, although Chamberlain notes that 'Mr Hitler keeps everyone in Europe on the qui vive which is very tiresome'. He expresses obvious support for the policy of rearmament and also clearly recognises the very real threat posed by Germany. He comments on the German people that 'they cannot be satisfied unless they are perpetually rattling the sabre and consequently they can keep no friends'.

The second part of the letter relates to international economic affairs, with Chamberlain expressing his personal doubts about the desire of the Americans to enter into negotiations on monetary questions. He also comments on the need to maintain the level of the pound and his wish, as far as it is within his control, to ensure that the pound does not depreciate
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