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TitleLetter from Neville Chamberlain to the Editor of 'The Evening Standard and St James's Gazette'
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DescriptionIncomplete letter, dated 30 June, comprising the first and last pages, which is written when Chamberlain was Chancellor of the Exchequer. It is written on Treasury Chambers notepaper and is headed 'Private, for guidance not for publication'. Copies of this letter, addressed 'Dear Mr Editor' were clearly sent when Chamberlain announced the Government's proposals for the conversion of the War Loan. Chamberlain writes that he would have liked to have met all the Editors of newspapers a little in advance to tell them of the plans but felt it was the right of Parliament to be informed first and also that the time available for such a meeting was so short that they would probably prefer the information in written form. The middle section of the letter is missing but presumably contains details of the Government's proposals as the final page starts at point (c), which relates to stock holders who notify their willingness to continue their holdings being entitled to a cash bonus. Chamberlain ends by saying that in an enterprise of this character and magnitude he hopes he has the 'valuable assistance of your support'.
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