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TitleUnion Movement/Mosley Secretariat subject files
Extent47 files
DescriptionThe Union Movement was formed in February 1948 with Oswald Mosley as leader of the party. The party campaigned for Mosley's post-war ideology of 'Europe a Nation'. Two key members of the Union Movement during this period were Jeffrey Hamm, Secretary for the Union Movement, and Robert Row, who edited the Union Movement journal 'Union' (later 'Action') from 1955. Both Row and Hamm also provided secretarial support for Oswald Mosley as the 'Mosley Secretariat'. Mosley retired from active leadership of the Union Movement in 1966. Under the direction of Jeffrey Hamm, the party continued, changing its name to 'Action Party' in 1973 and later to 'Action Society'. The party finally dissolved in 1994 following the death of Jeffrey Hamm.

The series contains files of newspaper, magazine and other published articles, together with some typescripts and originals of documents. These files are organised by subject and are labelled by Robert Row. There appear to be four distinct sequences, with file titles prefixed with 'OM' [Oswald Mosley], 'DM' [Diana Mosley] or 'UM' [Union Movement] or part of a sequence of general titles. The contents of the files are mostly dated to the 1950s-1980s. The files typically comprise mounted cuttings on foolscap sized papers, some loose pages from newspapers and other publications and typescript extracts from newspapers on the same foolscap paper.
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