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TitleDiary, 1899
Extent1 vol
DescriptionParticular entries record details about house hunting. Maud leaves Ireland 3 Jan and spends the first half of the year in London with her family, visiting house agents and viewing houses in London and various locations in the south of England. Maud travels to Salisbury 8 Jun to look at Broxmore house, and visits house in Swindon 28 Jun. She views houses in Brighton 18 Jul and in Folkestone 19 Jul. She and her children spend some time in Brighton during Aug, but both she and 'Tom' suffer from a prolonged illness while they are there, 'Tom' suffering from swollen glands and a sore throat, and Maud from pain in her joints. She describes some of their symptoms and treatments. Her husband is rarely at home, and when he does appear his presence often seems a cause of tension. Maud records an altercation between him and their two year old son Oswald: 'had a miserable time W teasing Tom etc & I trying to defend him, finally W caught my bad wrist - hurting it badly' 11 Aug.

Maud spends the autumn convalescing at Apedale Hall with her parents from 21 Aug, but her illness is prolonged, and it is not until Oct that she regains her health. Her husband views more houses during this period, and Maud travels with her parents to Fosbury in late autumn to stay there for a time. By Christmas they are living in Kent and making frequent visits to London for shopping and to hear a law petition referred to as 'W's case about settlement money' 12 Dec. His petition is granted 20 Dec.

One reason for Maud leaving Ireland and staying in London during the spring of 1899 is the birth of her second son, Edward Heathcote 25 Apr. Maud describes the labour and comments that the baby is 'a huge chap', weighing over 9lb. She is not allowed downstairs until 20 May, and is churched 24 May at the baby's christening. The diary contains information about the health and general progress of the new baby, known as 'Ted', including details about his weight, vaccinations and teething, but far more attention is paid to her older son, Oswald, known as 'Tom'. She spends time shopping for clothes for him, and he is photographed 24 Jan. She writes that he 'saw his first Punch & Judy which delighted him' 3 Feb, and that he is taken by her parents to 'see the Queen going to lay the stone of Victoria & Albert museum - Tom beside himself with excitement' 17 May. On his third birthday 16 Nov she writes 'bless him! he is sweet & thank heaven healthy & strong a most lovable chap'.
Maud's activities in London include socialising with friends and parents, visits to the theatre and trips out in the carriage. She also attends church regularly, goes to a cookery exhibition 8 Mar, and attends 'rescue meeting of mothers for 'naughty girls' crowds of ladies & a large tea fight after' 22 Mar.

Maud's husband spends most of his time at races, sometimes travelling to Ireland for this reason. When in London he appears to spend his time socialising with friends. Maud makes occasional comments on his wild behaviour: 'W went to Covent Garden & came back at 5am!!' 27 Jan, 'W dined out came home with his head cut open at 2am' 2 Apr, 'W went on to the club & came home about 4am with his foot a jelly having had a marble table upset on it' 8 Jul

The end page of the diary contains pencilled notes in hand of Nicholas Mosley giving dates for particular events and activities in diary which he refers to his biography of his parents, 'The Rules of the Game'
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