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TitleDiary extracts
Extent1 file
DescriptionThis material consists of loose pages torn from Maud Mosley's personal diaries for the first two days of January for each year from 1900 to 1945; entries for 1907, 1909, 1914, 1915 and 1918 are missing. There is also a page containing entries for 10 and 11 May 1920. The entry for 11 May contains an account of Oswald Mosley's wedding to Cynthia Curzon. The year of the diaries from which these entries have been torn has been written at the top of each page in Oswald Mosley's handwriting.

Since they only cover two days of each year, the entries are of limited use for the study of events in Maud Mosley's life, and the lives of her family. However, because the entries are for the same two days each year, including her birthday, 2 Jan, it is possible to chart some of the changes in her life over time. Entries for the years of her children's childhood include details about the presents they gave her on her birthday, and about the celebrations. The entry for 1902 records details about the illness of her baby, presumably her youngest child, John, who was born 12 Dec 1901. Other entries during these early years record details of social activities in and around Market Drayton, Shropshire, where Maud was living, including hunting, and the leisure activities of Maud's sons. Her entry for 1 Jan 1916 records that she had a 'letter of good wishes from Tom, but telling me (alas!) he & the Regt had gone into the firing line the day before'

After the marriages of her sons in the 1920s, her birthday is generally spent with one or other of them, and their children. In 1923 she visits Shadwell 'for one of Mr Campbell's Children's parties in the memorial club, but he showed us all over Paddy's Goose too', presumably with Oswald and Cynthia Mosley, who were friends with Mr Campbell (see OMN/A/5/1 and OMN/A/5/3). She mentions meeting her son John's wife Carol in 1925 'with great approval & much success' and in 1929 'Tom & Cim came to dinner & took me to the Empire after to see Buster Keaton in 'The Camera Man'...they dropped me at the flat & went on to Denham'.
Maud's mother appears to be seriously ill from 1924, and on her birthday in 1928 she remarks 'my 55th birthday & for the first time in my life no greeting from mother'.

Entries from the 1930s contain several references to her grandchildren and their visits with her sons. In 1935 'Irene, Viv & Nicko to lunch...Irene & children came back to tea & then went down to Denham' and in 1939 'Ted, Veronica, Irene, Viv & Nicky came to dinner...we all went to see an Edgar Wallace 'thriller''. Irene was Cynthia's sister Irene Curzon, who appears to have become the effective carer for Oswald Mosley's children during this time. Political developments are also mentioned. In 1934, Maud writes that fog has entailed the cancellation of a B.U.F meeting, and on her birthday in 1935 is grateful for 'so many kind gifts of flowers from Blackshirts'

Wartime shortages are referred to in entries from the 1940s, and in 1942 Maud also mentions receiving 'letter from Tom written from Holloway where he has been sent to join Diana & much to my joy & relief said he was 'much happier'. His phlebitis 'no worse' which is not too good'
The file also includes a black and white photograph of two unidentified children outside a country house. These are possibly Maud Mosley's grandchildren, possibly Vivien and Nicholas Mosley.
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