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TitleRecords of the 1972 Oxford Mobility Survey and of the 1974 follow up survey
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DescriptionInterview schedules, completed as a result of face to face enquiries in 1972 relating to a major enquiry undertaken by the Oxford Social Mobility Group (funded by the Economic and Social Research Council.) to investigate patterns of social mobility in England and Wales. Each printed schedule, titled 'Study of Occupational Change' consists of a 50 page booklet comprising a series of 48 questions and with instructions for the interviewer. They are numbered 1-10366, although there are some gaps in this sequence.

The schedules record detailed information which was collected from men aged between 20 and 64 and resident in England and Wales about the following:
(i) the occupations held by respondants at various stages in their working lives and their associated employment status and industry;
(ii) their education and all forms of occupationally relevant training;
(iii) their formal qualifications; and
(iv) (to a limited extent) the occupations, training and qualifications of various of their kin.

Other questions included:
(i) respondants' areas of residence;
(ii) current income;
(iii) friendship patterns;
(iv) political affiliations.

In addition, there are schedules of the interviews of a 1974 follow up survey of a sample of the original participants. Each printed schedule, titled 'Study of Social and Occupational Mobility' consists of a series of 65 questions in a 30 page booklet with a life history chart attached. They are numbered 1-684 but a number are missing from the sequence: 48, 71, 388, 450, 563, 565, 570, 587; in addition a number were removed from the sequence before deposit due to 'Category Error': 27, 61, 117, 137, 143, 168, 184, 208, 275, 276, 339, 346, 360, 404, 406, 407, 459, 515, 576, 617, 621, 629.
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Administrative HistoryThe survey was funded by the Economic and Social Research Council and was set up to enquire into patterns of social mobility in England and Wales. More than 10, 000 case studies were made and the population surveyed was men between 20 and 64 resident in England and Wales in 1972. The project was investigated by individuals from Oxfordshire Social Mobility Group; Nuffield College, Oxford; and Jesus College, Oxford. Part of the sample was re-interviewed in 1974. Groups of wards and parishes were used as primary sampling units, selected in strata by population density, and the electoral registers for each primary unit were then taken as the frame for the random selection of individuals.

Reference: Social Mobility Enquiry, 1972 ( ). Accessed January 2002.
AcquisitionThis records of the 1972 inquiry were deposited by Nuffield College, Oxford in 2000; the records of the follow up survey of 1974 were deposited in 2002
Publication NotePublished research about this enquiry include A. H. Halsey, A. F. Heath & J. M. Ridge, Origins and destinations: family, class and education in modern Britain , Oxford University Press, 1980; and C. Payne, 'Look-up tables', PSTAT UK Newsletter , No. 1, May 1984