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TitleHonorary Secretary's Papers: Eglantyne Jebb papers
Extent25 boxes
DescriptionThis section comprises Save the Children Fund's (SCF) earliest files and are not Eglantyne Jebb's personal papers. For the most part they consist of administrative files relating to projects overseas, and cover the period 1920-1926.

The majority of the section focuses on countries in Europe, and refer either to individual representatives of SCF in dealing with these countries, or list organisations from which requests for grants were received, including many whose requests were rejected; others are of a more general nature. In cases of grant-aided organisations, the file usually consists of an appeal for funds, along with details of what sort of aid was given, arrangements for despatch of materials, and accounts of how the money was spent. There are often other documents including letters of thanks from individual children as well as case studies of 'adopted' (sponsored) children.

There are also a variety of subject files, some of which are clearly part of the same system, and others are apparently research files as described above. Some of these are very useful in illustrating policy formation, others include items such as early headed notepaper of SCF. There are specific files on themes such as conferences; the Declaration of the Rights of the Child; and the International Union Summer Schools.

The provenance of these files is not entirely clear: many were kept in storage boxes with 'Miss Jebb's Files' marked on them. They were clearly connected with Eglantyne Jebb as honorary secretary and in that position she would clearly be aware of all ongoing business, even though she would not be closely involved with everything. At the same time, some of these files appear to have been gathered together later, probably by Edward Fuller, Kathleen Freeman or by others researching the history of SCF and the life of Eglantyne Jebb.
NotesPlease note that researchers are asked to access this series on microfilm as far as possible.

Note that SCF/EJ/1/1/4-12, SCF/EJ/1/24/1/1-9, SCF/EJ/4/12-16, SCF/EJ/5/1-3, SCF/EJ/6/1-2 and SCF/EJ/7/1-6 (original references EJ.17-25, 194-202, and 280-294) were not transferred here but are available on microfilm.
ArrangementThe files in this section have been re-sorted over the years. There were originally two consecutive file series, one from the period 1920 to 1922 (with a few papers from early 1923) and the other from the period 1923 to 1924 (although there are often papers from the later 1920s, and even up to 1930). The first series was further subdivided into section I and II for each country, with I representing files on individual agencies or groups of agencies, and II representing files on the work of the UISE International Commissioners. The second series is simpler, with a series of numbered files on each country, by organisation.

These files were originally listed and numbered in the order of the boxes they were originally found in, and the old numbers were noted on the file covers. Mostly that was in the form 20/10, which indicates the tenth file in the twentieth box. A few files were numbered 'AF' because the box was marked 'Allocations Files', and some 'CB' because they were loose and had to be transferred to clamshell boxes. They were resorted in the 1990s and the new numbering system was simplified: all the files were numbered in the new sorted order, EJ1-EJ304.

Much of the original referencing has been obscured, although glimpses can be found through some surviving file covers, and through notes made by the Save the Children Archivist in the 1990s. Therefore the arrangement instigated in the 1990s has been kept in order to preserve as much as possible of the original arrangement, with the country files grouped together into one series.

Some additional material has been added to the EJ references. This material was either loose material found in the boxes with the EJ files, or has come from one box, A466, which although not included in the EJ references, has the same original references, and comes from the same period as the other material. It is likely that the material from this box was originally kept with the other EJ files, and therefore they have been included in this series.
Access StatusOpen
CopiesAvailable on microfilm, SCF/Reels 15-35
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