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TitleConsititution of the USSR - 'Obligations' and 'Rights' (English translation of caption)
Extent1 item
DescriptionDescription of graphic image: Cartoon of a little man looking at the constitution of the USSR through spectacles with one lens showing "Obyazannosti" (Obligations/duties ) and the other "Prava" (Rights)

English translation of caption: Consititution of the USSR - 'Obligations' and 'Rights'. Underneath verse: He sees these words in a different way / 'Obligations' in small letters and 'Rights' in large letters / People with this 'sight defect' should be kicked / off the state payroll! / Chase people with such 'vision defects' / from public dependency!'.

Russian transliteration of caption: Konstitutsiya SSSR - obyazannosti [i] prava

Artist: Boris Aleksandrovich Starchikov (1921-1999)

Editor: S. Vladimova

Technical editor: L. Koryagina

Publication information: Moscow / Plakat / 1979 / No.1a-650

Printing information: Dnepropetrovsk / Zorya

Print run: 20,000

Format: 60x45

Original price: 8 kop
Access StatusOpen
CopiesHigh quality Tiff copy on staff R drive


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