Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)SOVIET POSTERS/520
TitleLet's welcome the elections by setting output records [with successes at work]! Local councils of People's Deputies in the run-up to elections for the Supreme Soviets of the Union and the autonomous republics (English translation of caption)
Extent1 item
DescriptionDescription of graphic image: Worker at an electrical control panel

Russian transliteration of caption: Vstretim vybory uspekham v trude! Navstrechu vyboram v Verkhovnye Sovety soyuznykh i avtonomnykh respublik, mestnye sovety narodnykh deputatov

Artist: N. Popov

Editor: L. Laguta

Technical editor: T. Onosovskaya

Publication information: Moscow / Plakat / 1984 / No.0203936

Printing information: Tula / Kommunar

Print run: 100,000

Format: 84x54

Original price: 9 kop
Access StatusOpen
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