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TitleWomen of the land of the Soviets (English translation of title of folder)
Extent12 items
DescriptionReprints of 12 posters from the 1920s and 1930s, compiled by V. Dolinskaya

Russian transliteration of title: Zhenshchiny strany Sovetov

Publication information: Moscow / Plakat / 1975

Posters are as follows:

1. Kazhdaya kukharka dolzhna nauchit'sya upravlit' gosudarstvom (Every cook should learn how to govern the State)
Artist: T. Makarychev; Semen Borisovich Raev (1932- )
Publication date of original: 1930
Additional information: quotation from Lenin

2. Zhenshchina! Giramotnost' - zalog tvoego raskreposhcheniya (Woman! Literacy is the voice of your emancipation)
Artist: Unknown
Publication date of original: 1920s

3. 1600 tys. zhenshchin - rabotnits zhdut nashi zavody i fabriki (1600 thousand women workers are needed by our mills and factories)
Artist: unknown
Publication date of original: 1920s

4. Krest'yanka, ukreplyai soyuz rabochikh i krest'yan - on sdelaet SSSR nepobedimym (Peasant woman - join the union of workers and peasants - it has made the USSR invincible)
Artist: Maksim Vladimirovich Ushakov-Poskochin (1893-1943)
Publication date of original: 1920s

5. Krest'yanka, idi v kolkoz! (Peasant woman, go to the collective farm!)
Description of graphic image: Peasant girl with scarf tied in the traditional style (beneath the chin) heading for the new mechanised farm, resisting the clutches of a kulak (rich peasant) and a priest.
Artist: Mikhail Mikhailovich Cheremnykh (1890-1962)
Publication date of original: 1930

6. Luchshikh udarnits, kolkhoznits - v partiyu Lenina (The best women shock workers and collective farm workers are in the party of Lenin) or : '[Let's delegate] The best female shock workers and collective farm workers to the party of Lenin (because the caption resupposes some sort of direction or movement towards the party)
Artist: Sergei Fedorovich Sokolov (1893-c 1960)
Publication date of original: 1930s

7. Missing - 16 October 2011

8. Vpered, k novym pobedam na fronte sotsialisticheskogo sorevnovaniya! (Onward, to a new victory at the front of socialist competition!)
Artist: Iosif Abramovich Yang (Ganf) (1899-1973); Avenir Iosifovich Chernomordik (1897-1991)
Publication date of original: 1929
Additional information: quotation from Mayakovskii

9. Caption in Russian: Shagai, nasha revolyutsionnaya molodost! (March on, our revolutionary youth!)
Artist: Fedor Ivanovich Bocharov (1911- )
Publication date of original: 1934

10. Ovladevaya tekhnikoi, bud' v pervykh ryadakh stroitelei sotsializma (Learn technical skills and take the lead in building socialism)
Artist: Vladimir Aleksandrovich Serov (1910-1968)
Publication date of original: 1934

11. Caption in Russian: Rabotat', stroit' i ne nyt'...
English translation of caption: To work, to build, and not to moan...
Artist: Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Deineka (1899-1969)
Publication date of original: 1933

12. Da zdravstvuet zhenshchina SSSR - stroitel'nitsa sotsializma! (Long live the women of the USSR - builders of Socialism!)
Artist: T. Makarychev
Publication date of original: 1938
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