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TitleThe military potential of the Soviet armed forces (English translation of title of folder)
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DescriptionFolder of 20 posters, with plans for displaying them for exhibition

Russian transliteration of title: Boevoi potentsial sovetskikh vooruzhennykh sil

Additional information: Compiled by Nikolai Timofeevich Kalinkin

Artist: Vladimir Vladimirovich Potapov (1949- )

Editor: S. R. Serkov

Technical editor: N. Ya. Samokhralova

Publication information: Moscow / Voennoe Izdatel'stvo / 1988 / No.8/2013

Print run: 25,000

Format: 70x45

Original price: 1 rouble 48 kop

Posters are as follows:

1. Uchit'sya voennomu delu nastoyashchim obrazom ..... (Learn about the present state of the military. Our task is to educate the Army in the spirit of the precepts of our great teacher, Comrade Lenin)

2. Partiya armiyu nashu vzrastila, v vernasti partii - nasha sila! .... (The Party nurtured our army in loyalty to the Party - this is our strength! The main foundation of the socialist motherland's defence is manifested in the leadership of the Communist Party by military construction and the Armed Forces.... Although life is precious to me, although I have lived little, I can not spare her. I have one slogan 'Death or victory' [From the programme of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union] The graphic image shows a flag with the letters CPPU.

3. Nesokrushimaya i legendarnaya, v boyakh poznavshaya radost' pobed... (Indestructible and legendary, in battle the unbelievable joy of victory... Soviet soldier! Constantly improve your combat, readinesss and skills, strengthen military discipline! Vigilantly protect the creative work of the Soviet people, the conquest of socialism)

4. Narod i armiya - ediny! Kursom XXVII sezda KPSS! .... (The people and the army are united! Backing the policy of the 27th Congress of the CPSU! [Quote from a political report of the Central Commitee of the Communist Party Congress]: 'We complain today with full responsibility that the military potential of the mighty USSR is kept on such a level that it allows to securely defend peaceful work, peaceful life of the Soviet People')

5. Bditel'nost' - nashe oruzhie bditel'nost' vraga obnaruzhivaet! ..... (Vigilant with our weapons, vigilant to spot the enemy! Imperialism is a source of war threat. [Quote from Gorbachev's 1987 report on the plenary meeting of the Central Commitee of the Communist Party]: 'Under today's difficult international conditions the communists, all cadres of the army and the navy, will act with the greatest responsibility, will raise and perfect their mastery, their military readiness in all types of forces')

6. Obnaruzhenie - dal'nee soprovozhdenie - tochnoe pusk - porazhayushchii .... (Spotting - tracking from afar - targeting - destruction. Elements of the military potential, military mastery. [Quote from the Marshal of USSR, Georgi Zhukov]: 'The science to win is not a simple science. But the one who learns and who aims at victory, who fights for the cause in the truthfulness of what he believes, will always win'. [Quote from a letter of 33 Soviet fighters who destroyed 27 enemy tanks in one battle at Stalingrad]: 'We won because we were firm, brace and because we established an iron discipline in our ranks')

7. Postoyanno narashchivat' kachestvennye pokazateli! .... (Continually developing the quality of our indicators! To develop character through hard work [hard exercises and campaigns] in overcoming the hardships of life in the army and navy that have been forged in yourself)

8. Sorevnovat'sya - znachit delat' bol'she, luchshe s men'shimi zatratami! .... (To compete means to do the most and the best for the least cost! Our soldiers do not lack ingenuity, perseverance or resourcefulness. Components of combat potential: military skill)

9. Voin - sportsmen. Bud' sil'nym, vynoslivym! ... (Our fighters are sportsmen. They must be strong and fit! [Quote from the Aviation Marchal Pokryshin: 'A mere wish to serve well is not sufficient. It should be supported by high moral spirit, excellent physical training and military mastery')

10. Oruzhie i tekhniku znat' otlichno, ekspluatirovat' masterski, soderzhat' obraztsovo! ([Technical readiness] Be thoroughly familiar with weaponry, be technically skilled, and behave in an exemplary manner. [Quote from Gagarin]: 'The contry has given us weapons so we should be worthy of that trust')

11. Poschitai imeyushchiesya u sebya rezervy! (Count up what you have in reserve!)

12. Vernost' partii v nashykh delakh! (Loyalty to the Party in our objectives!)

13. Odin za vsekh, vse za odnogo (One for all - and all for one)

14. Ravnenie na podvig! (Match our heroic deeds!)

15. Kommunisty - vpered! (Onwards, Communists!)

16. Serdtsem i oruzhiem rodine sluzhim! (We serve the country with our hearts and weapons!)

17. Prikaz vypolnyai tochno, bezogovorochno, v srok (Carry out orders exactly, unconditionally and punctually)

18. Svyashchennuyu pamyat' khranya obo vsem, my trudnuyu sluzhbu segodnya nesem! (We keep alive the sacred memory of them all by our service today!)

19. Stylised war memorial with quotations from writers from various communist countries

20. Na strazhe mira i sotsializma! (On guard for peace and socialism!)
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