Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)SOVIET POSTERS/777
TitlePhotographic portraits of members and candidates for membership of the Politburo of the CPSU (English translation of title of folder)
Extent21 items
DescriptionRussian transliteration of title: Fotoportrety chlenov i kandidatov v chleny Politbyuro TsK KPSS

Additional information: cf SOVIET POSTERS/772 and /809

Publication information: Moscow / Plakat / 1976 / No.8i-43

Printing information: Moscow / Krasnyi Proletarii

Print run: 20,000

Format: 70x50

Original price: 1 rouble 59 kop

Posters are as follows, consisting of portraits of:

1. L. I. Brezhnev
2. Yu. V. Andropov
3. V. V. Grishin
4. A. A. Gromyko
5. A. P. Kirilenko
6. A. N. Kosygin
7. F. D. Kulakov
8. D. A. Kunaev
9. K. T. Mazurov
10. A. Ya. Pel'she
11. N. V. Podgornyi
12. G. V. Romanov
13. M. A. Suslov
14. D. F. Ustinov
15. V. V. Shcherbitskii
16. G. A. Aliev
17. P. N. Demichev
18. P. M. Masherov
19. B. N. Ponomarev
20. Sh. R. Rashidov
21. M. S. Solomentsev
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