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TitleCommemoration of the Great October Revolution of 1917 (English translation of title)
Extent20 items
Description20 posters with directions for display. Number 1 is portrait of Lenin, 2-20 are numbered at bottom right, number 19 is missing. Compiled by A. N. Razmaznin

English translation of text, some on folder: Commemoration of the Great October Revolution of 1917; gloriously continuing Lenin's revolutionary task of October 1917
Posters to commemorate and celebrate the 70th anniversary of the October revolution

Russian transliteration of title: Pod znamenem Velikogo Oktyabrya

1: Portrait of Lenin

2: [Quote from Lenin]: 'Long live the revolution of workers, soldiers and peasants!'. Also shown in the image is the Decree about peace from a meeting of the officials representing the workers, soldiers and peasants; and a Decree about Earth

3: Decree of the Soviet national commissars on the organisation of the worker/peasant Red Army

4: Image of soldier; 'For the dominion of the Soviets' appears on the banner; 'Proletariat of all countries, unite' appears on the badge [refers to the unification of the proletariat across Eastern Europe]

5: Text refers to the Constitution of the Soviet Union; the declaration about the creation of the Soviet Union, with extract from the first congress meeting of the Soviet Union; a round motif in one corner of the poster carries the slogan 'Proletariat of all countries, unite' in the 14 languages of the republics of eastern Europe [most later were brought together as USSR]

6: Poster with image showing workers and two statuesque young people depicting the strong future; with the slogan 'Proletariat of all countries, unite' - celebrates the worker/peasant union relating to Record! (production)

7-13: Larger wording carried across the seven items: 'Worthy to continue the victorious revolutionary task of Lenin of October [1917]'. Other text on the posters includes quotes from Lenin and refers to the October revolution as a great event in world history which decided the direction of world progress...'The glorious work of the Soviet people was disturbed by Hitler's attack. Force of patriotism united the people to protect the Soviet fatherland.... The Soviet people took strength from Lenin's great ideas ..... Soviet warriors are still on watch to defend the motherland' ...building new lives .... the strength and resilience of the Soviet people ...'

14: Image of a soldier, the medal in one corner 'Patriotic War'

15: Image of a soldier carrying a child with soldiers in the background, conveying the idea of looking to the future, collaboration

16: Image only, a montage showing work in science, space, construction, conveying the idea of progress, industry and constructivism

17: Image of a group of happy-looking young men and women forging ahead to bright futures, standing in front of the hammer and sickle. Words 'Labour' and 'Peace' and KPSS (Communist Party of the Soviet Union)

18: Image showing new industries and undertakings, space rocket, dam, trains, agricultural work, science; text relates to the programme of the 27th Congress of the Communist Party, the economic and social development of the USSR, looking towards the year 2000

20: Image of a soldier standing in front of symbols of war: battleship, planes; on a round medallion in the corner: 'Union of World/Peace and Socialism' and reference to the Warsaw Treaty.

Artists: N. M. Spirov; S. V. Spirova; A. N. Spirov

Editor: Nikolai Timofeevich Kalinkin

Technical editor: T. V. Balagurova

Publication information: Moscow / Voennoe Izdatel'stvo / 1987 / No.8/579

Print run: 50,000

Format: 70x45

Original price: 1 rouble 48 kop
Access StatusOpen
CopiesHigh quality Tiff copy on staff R drive


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