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TitleDrunkenness is an evil, drunkenness is a battle! (English translation of title of folder)
Extent16 items
DescriptionFolder containing 16 posters to prevent alcoholism

Russian transliteration of title of folder: P'yanstvo - zlo, p'yanstvu - boi!

Artist: Petr Dmitrievich Egorov (1913- )

Editor: Yu. V. Kaverin

Technical editor: S. M. Skuratova

Publication information: Kiev / Politizdat Ukrainy / 1987

Printing information: Kiev / 26th KPSS Congress Printing Works

Print run: 35,000

Format: 30x45

Original price: 1 rouble 20 kop

Posters are as follows:

1. Ukaz ob usilenii bor'by s p'yanstvom (Decree about intensifying the fight against drunkenness)

2. Brak (Marriage)

3. Delo 'mastera' bojtsja (The 'skilled craftsman' in action / the work of a 'master nailer' is feared)

4. Prokhodnoi variant ([on Certificate:] Characteristics: excellent worker, resourceful, social activist, constuctive. [Caption at bottom:] A dangerous kind of pass / A variant on a pass-through)

5. Ot vorot - povorot (No entry here / Turn from the gate!)

6. Sklad zamok s sekretom (The warehouse locked with secrets / Lock with a secret)

7. Tam, gde tsarit beskontrol'nost' (That's what happens when things get out of control / Strenghten strict control, there, where things are chaotic)

8. ....... A sudit kto! (Fire Myshkin for drunkenness. But who is to judge?)

9. Strada tuneyadtsa (Hard work for layabouts / The harvest of a parasite)

10. Na grani padeniya (Heading for a fall / On the verge of a fall)

11. Unichtozhim samogon! (We must get rid of home-made vodka! / We will destroy Moonshine!)

12. Ego dukhovnyi mir (His spiritual home / His inner world)

13. Pozor! (Disgrace!)

14. Opasnyi nastavnik! (A dangerous mentor!)

15. Prestupnyi sled (Criminal tracks/footprint)

16. Vymetem! (Let's sweep it away!)
NotesAdditional translation of text on posters by History and Russian student Joshua Robinson, July 2017
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