Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)SOVIET POSTERS/796
TitleSoviet political posters (English translation of title of folder)
Extent32 items
DescriptionFolder containing reproductions of 32 classic posters, with an introduction in English, French and Russian. Compiled by G. N. Pavlov

Russian transliteration of title: Sovetskii politicheskii plakat

Additional information: cf SOVIET POSTERS/789 and /799

Technical editor: V. L. Ivanova

Publication information: Leningrad / Aurora / 1973 / No.898

Printing information: Leningrad / Leningradskaya fabr.ofset.pechati No.1

Print run: 11,000

Format: 30x45

Posters are as follows:

1. Vrag u vorot! (Enemy at the gates!!! All for the protection of Petrograd)
Artist: Nikolai Mikhailovich Kochergin (1897- )
Date: 1919

2. Vpered, za zashchitu Urala! (Forward! Defend the Urals! RSFSR [Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic] - Proletarians of all countries - unite)
Artist: Aleksandr Petrovich Apsit (Petrov) (1880-1944)
Date: 1919
Additional information: cf SOVIET POSTERS/913

3. Ty zapisalsya dobrovol'tsem? (Have you volunteered? RSFSR [Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic] - Proletarians of all countries - unite)
Artist: Dmitrii Stakhievich Moor (Orlov) (1883-1946)
Date: 1920

4. Pomogi (Help!)
Artist: Dmitrii Stakhievich Moor (Orlov) (1883-1946)
Date: 1921

5. Kazhdyi udar molota - udar po vragu! (Every blow of the hammer is a blow to the enemy! RSFSR [Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic] - Proletarians of all countries - unite )
Artist: Viktor Nikolaevich Dani (Devisov) (1893-1946)
Date: 1920

6. Kosi vovremya! (It's time to mow them down! - Mr Polish Man; Vrangel)
Artist: Viktor Nikolaevich Deni (Devisov) (1893-1946)
Date: 1920

7. Uchreditel'noe sobranie (The Constituent Assembly [Figures on the boat represent France; the bourgeois; Chernov (leader of the Bolshevick government in Samara)]
Artist: Viktor Nikolaevich Deni (Devisov) (1893-1946)
Date: 1921

8. Negramotnyi - tot zhe slepoi (An illiterate is like a blind man / An illiterate man is the same as a blind man; misfortune and unhappiness await him everywhere)
Artist: Aleksei Aleksandrovich Radakov (1879-1942)
Date: 1920

9. Istoriya pro bubliki i pro babu, ne priznayushchuyu respubliki (RSFSR [Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic] - Proletarians of all countries - unite! The tale of the bread rings [bagels] and the old woman who denied the Republic:- 1/ The story took place in a certain Republic - an old woman had bagels and went to the bazaar. 2/ Stamping can be heard near her. Music is being conducted at the front - the Red Army is rushing. 3/ The soldier wants to eat just one, and asks the aunt to give a bagel to the hungry! Won't you go to the Front? 4/ If there is nought for the mouth, then one will be weak as a relic. 5/ Mr Polish Man will devour the Republic if we are weak. 6/ The old woman said that, whilst in this life, she would never give away the bagels! 'Away soldier, fuck off to Hell away from me in the Republic!' 7/ Our regiment went, both thin and skinny, and before Mr Polish Man all the soldiers stacked over. We were swept away by the power of Mr Polish Man in the first battle. 8/ A racing Mr Polish Man brings fear and the yoke of death to the workers. He clambered among them to the stupid old woman at the bazaar. 9/ Mr Polish Man sees the fat white old woman amongst the public, and in a moment she is eaten up, both hre and the bagels. 10/ Come out and look around the square! There are no peasants, nor sitniks. The Red Army must be fed on time! 11/ And so, feed the Red Army! Bring bread without bother, so as not to lose bread together with your head.)
Artist: Mikhail Mikhailovich Cheremnykh (1890-1962)
Date: 1920

10. Ukrainets i russkikh klich odin - da ne budet pan nad rabochim gospodin! (Ukrainians and Russians have a common cry - [the Pan] the Polish landowners shall never lord it over the workers!)
Artist: Vladimir Vladimirovich Mayakovskii (1893-1930)
Date: 1920

11. Oruzhiem my dobili vraga RSFSR (We have smashed the enemy by force of arms / With weapons we have smashed the enemy, we have made bread - everything for work, comrades! )
Artist: Nikolai Nikolaevich Kogout (1891-1959)
Date: 1921

12. Rabotat' nado, vintovka - pyadom (Work hard and steady; keep your rifle ready! / When working keep your rifle close)
Artist: Vladimir Vasil'evich Lebedev (1891-1967)
Date: 1920

13. V. Ul'yanov 1870-1924 (Lenin)
Artist: Adol'f Iosifovich Strakhov (-Braslasvskii) (1896- )
Additional information: cf SOVIET POSTERS/914

14. Leningradskow obshchestvo smychki goroda s derevnei (The Leningrad Society for uniting town and country / Leningrad society unites town with village. Establishing communications between town and village is one of the basic tasks of the working class for holding power)
Artist: Boris Mikhailovich Kustodiev (1878-1927)
Date: 1925

15. Na oboronu SSSR (For the defence of the USSR)
Artist: Valentina Nikiforovna Kulagina (1902-1987)
Date: 1929

16. Komsomol'tsy, - v pervye ryady bol'shevistskogo udarno seva! (Komsomol members - be in the front ranks for the Bolshevist shock sowing! / Komsomol members are in the first ranks of the Bolshevik shock-sowing!)
Artist: Konstantin Stepanovich Eliseev (1890-1968)
Date: 1930

17. Mekhaniziruem Donbass (We shall mechanise the Donbas)
[Donabas is the colloquial name for hte coal-mining and industiral region of the Donets Basin in the Ukraine.]
Artist: Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Deineka (1899-1969)
Date: 1930

18. My trebuem vseobshchego obyazatel'nogo obucheniya (We demand universal compulsory education)
Artist: Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Deineka (1899-1969)
Date: 1930

19. Vernem ugol'nyi dolg strane (We shall pay our debt to the country in coal)
Artist: Gustav Gustavovich Klutsis (1895-1944)

20. Chernye vorony gotovyat razboinichii nabeg na SSSR (The Black Ravens are preparing to plunder the USSR: proletarians be on the alert!)
Artist: Dmitrii Stakhievich Moor (Orlov) (1883-1946)
Date: 1930
Additional information: cf SOVIET POSTERS/912

21. Komsomol, v bor'bu za bol'shevistskuyu rekonstruktsiyu transporta (Komsomol members, join the struggle for the Bolshevist reconstruction of transport - a shock task of socialist construciton and defence of the USSR)
Artist: Aleksei Alekseevich Kokorekin (1906-1959)
Date: 1931

22. Fashizm - eto golod, fashizm - eto terror, fashizm - eto voina! (Fascism means hunger, Fascism means terror, Fascism means war!/ Fascism is hunger; Fascism is terror; Fascism is war!)
Artist: Petr Yakovlevich Karachentsov (1907- )
Date: 1937

23. Chtob iz etoi lapy vypal nozh - antifashistskogo fronta sily mnozh! (Force this claw to drop its knife. Join the Anti-Fascist front / Join the forces of the Anti-Fascist Front to make this claw drop its knife!)
Artist: Mikhail Mikhailovich Cheremnykh (1890-1962)
Date: 1938

24. Rodina-Mat' zovet! (The Motherland is calling! 'Military Oath': I, citizen of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, join the ranks of hre worker-peasants' Red Army, take the oath and solemnly swear to be honest, courageous, disciplined, a vigiland fighter, to strictly keep both military and government secrets, unquestioningly carry our all miltary regulation and the orders of commanders and superiors. I solemly sear that I will study warfare conscientiously, in every possible way to take care of the military and the people's possessions and up to my last breath will be faithful to my people, my Soviet Motherland and the workers-peasants government. I am always ready for order from the workers of the workers' and peasants' government, to come out in defence of my Motherland, the USSR, and as a warrior of the workers' and peasants' Red army, I swear to protect her courageously, capably, with dignity and honour, and not to spare blood nor life in the advancement of total victory against the enemy. If, somehow, by malicious intent I break my solemn oath, then I shall suffer the severe punishment of Soviet law, and the total hatred and contempt of the workers')
Artist: Iraklii Moiseevich Toidze (1902-1985)
Date: 1941

25: Besposhchadno razgromim i unichtozhim vraga! (We'll smash and annihilate the enemy without mercy! [The poster through which the caricature of Hitler is breaking through: 'Non-aggression pact between the USSR and Germany'])
Artist: "Kukryniksy" [Mikhail Vasil'evich Kupriyanov (1903-1991); Porfirii Nikitich Krylov (1902-1990); Nikolai Aleksandrovich Sokolov (1903-2000)]
Date: 1941
Additional information: cf SOVIET POSTERS/775 (2) and SOVIET POSTERS/784 (10)

26. Napoleon poterpel porazhenie. To zhe budet i s zaznavshimcya Gitlerom! (Napoleon was smashed/defeated. The same fate awaits that arrogant Hitler! [who is depicted as tearing up a 'pact' (or holding a torn 'pact')])
Artist: "Kukryniksy" [Mikhail Vasil'evich Kupriyanov (1903-1991); Porfirii Nikitich Krylov (1902-1990); Nikolai Aleksandrovich Sokolov (1903-2000)]
Date: 1941

27. Voin Krasnoi Armii, spasi! (Red Army soldier - save us!)
Artist: Viktor Borisovich Koretskii (1909-1998)
Date: 1942

28. Doidem do Berlin! (We're on our way to Berlin! / On to Berlin!)
Artist: Leonid Fedorovich Golovanov (1904-1980)
Date: 1944

29. Vlakikoi mira budet trud (Labour will rule the world / The leader of the world shall be Labour. We build communism. We live under communism')
Artist: Vilen Surenovich Karakashev (1935- )
Date: 1963

30. Nash flag mezh zvezd poloshchetsya... (quotation from V. Mayakovskii) (Our flag is flying among the stars... (V. Mayakovskii))
Artist: Evgenii Vladimirovich Abezgus (1933-1980)
Date: 1966

31. Slava geroyam Bresta (Hurrah for the heroes of Brest [abstract text in the image, left to right: I swer / Death to fascism / Long live the Motherland'])
Artists: Oleg Mikhailovich Savostyuk (1927- ); Boris Aleksandrovich Uspenskii (1927-2005)
Date: 1971
Additional information: cf SOVIET POSTERS/915

32. Lyudi, budem khranit' mir... (quotation from Yuri Gagarin) (Everybody/ People/ Men and Women - Let us safeguard peace...)
Image shows the smiling face of Gagarin wearing space helmet
Artist: Anatolii Borisovich Yakushin (1944- )
Date: 1971
NotesAdditional translation of text on posters by History and Russian student Joshua Robinson, July 2017
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